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2015 Global Human Trafficking Conference (February 7, 2015)
VISIT SITE “With the number of slaves globally skyrocketing 30% in 7 years, from 27 million in 2007 to 35 million+ in 2014, the 2015 Global Human Trafficking Conference, Los Angeles, will convene compelling speakers, provocative panels, specialized break-out sessions, non-profit, law enforcement and government agency exhibitors, and host a reception-mixer and engagement groups in an endeavor to further:  educate & mobilize the public, further the efforts of key figures in media & entertainment, train law enforcement & criminal prosecutors, refine law enforcement, government agency & NGO best practices, engage & Mobilize the academic, faith & business communities, and  build critical capacity for attending NGOs”

ACJS 52nd Annual Meeting “Broadening the Horizon of the Criminal Justice Sciences:
Looking Outward Rather Than Inward”
(March 3-7, 2015)
VISIT SITE Held in Orlando, Florida

13th Annual Freedom Network Conference (April 21-22, 2015)
VISIT SITE “This year’s conference entitled, “TVPA Past, Present & Future, Elevating the “Human” in Human Trafficking,” will reflect on the successes of the past in the anti-trafficking field, current trends and issues, and work to devise recommendations for the future. We aim to incorporate the values of the Freedom Network and the vision that makes us a unique voice within the anti-trafficking movement.

Crime & Justice Summer Research Institute: Broadening Perspectives & Participation (July 6-24, 2015)
VISIT SITE Held at Ohio State University, “the institute is designed to promote successful research projects and careers among faculty from underrepresented groups working in areas of crime and criminal justice. During the institute, each participant will complete an ongoing project (either a research paper or grant proposal) in preparation for journal submission or agency funding review.”

Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Trafficking ( October 1-3, 2015)
VISIT SITE Held in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Sex Crimes Information Sharing Conference (December 3-5, 2014)
VISIT SITE Hosted by New Jersey Sex Crimes Officers' Association and Middle Atlantic-Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network (MAGLOCLEN)

Child Trafficking and Juvenile Justice Webinar (November 19, 2014)
VISIT SITE Presenters include: Elizabeth Pfenning (Polaris), Darla (National Network for Youth), Naomi Smoot (Coalition for Juvenile Justice)

American Society of Criminology Annual Conference (November 18-22, 2014)

Trust Women Conference  (November 18-19, 2014) London
VISIT SITE “Trust Women is more than just a conference. It’s a fast-growing movement to put the rule of law behind women’s rights through concrete action”

Human Trafficking: Global Crisis - Local Implications ( November 18, 2014)
VISIT SITE Forum on Forced labor and human trafficking. 

Together Let's Stop Traffick (November 17-20, 2014)
VISIT SITE “A collaborative international Summit shaping the operational foundations for the world’s first international Global Resource Centre to combat human trafficking” 

2014 Alaska Child Maltreatment Conference ( November 17-19, 2014)
VISIT SITE “The Alaska Child Maltreatment Conference offers comprehensive learning opportunities for a wide range of professionals who play a role in the intervention, treatment, prosecution and prevention of child abuse and neglect”

Human Trafficking Conference (November 15, 2014)
VISIT SITE “A wide array of community organizations and Michigan State University departments have partnered to create a day of awareness that will foster community action in the fight against Human Trafficking”

Global Moral Panic Symposium (Octomer 10-11, 2014)

Sexuality, Human Rights, and Public Policy (April 23-24, 2014)

Harvard Kennedy School 2013 Social Enterprise Conference: Panel on Human Trafficking (February 9-10, 2013)
VISIT SITE This conference discusses the global economy and its effects on human trafficking.

University of Nebraska Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Trafficking (October 10-12, 2013)
VISIT SITE This annual academic conference, first held in 2009, assembles scholars, practitioners, and policy makers involved in trafficking-related research and anti-trafficking efforts.

Women and Global Development Forum: The Fight Against Human Trafficking (January 21, 2013)
VISIT SITE Susan Bissell and Somaly Mam discuss human trafficking and its possible solutions.

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