Student Work

Digital Stories

"Global Gifts partnered with the students and Professor Korytova from the I300 Human Trafficking course this past spring to create digital stories that would connect the various types of human trafficking to Fair Trade. These connections vary from Fair Trade being a solution to existing human trafficking or Fair Trade being a human trafficking prevention. The students reported on specific Fair Trade groups such as Asha Imports and the Starfish Project and also focused on specific items like chocolate and clothing. These digital stories will be used by Global Gifts and Fair Trade Bloomington as educational materials for volunteers, students, and community members." -Megan (Mary) Carpenter, May 2014

Asha (Spring 2014)
WATCH Alyssa Lindley, Kyle Roberts, Allison Schroeder, Ryan Wilkins

Fair Trade Coffee the Movement (Spring 2014)
WATCH Carly Carlisle Thomas Murthan, Annmarie Rombalski, Kris Szewczyk

Human Cost of Chocolate (Spring 2014)
WATCH Kimberlee Bussey, Harlene Haro, Patrick Hernandez, Meaghan O'Connor, , Elizabeth Withered 

The Sacred Mask 2 (Spring 2014)
Jessica Beckman, Emily Lyon, Jaime Newman,

The Starfish Project (Spring 2014)
Rion Bridges, Elizabeth Lindemann, Brooke Maher, Annalee Patel, Tess Watson

What you Wear Really Matters (Spring 2014)
WATCH Leeann Carter, Diana Fox, Desire Irvin, Natalie Lizak, Mariah McGhee

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