Graphic Novels

An Ugly Truth, Beginning Prologue: An Ugly Business of the Prancing Pony Series
WEBSITE R.W. Lewis, author and Corey Lee, illustrator's graphic novel-in-progress addresses the horrors of sexual slavery in Bangkok.
WEBSITE Comic-Journalism on Trafficking in Nepal by Dan Archer. Archer collects stories from trafficking victims, and creates illustrations to go with them to help educate villagers on anti-trafficking. He is working with Stanford University and Vanderbilt University to understand the the usefulness of other media types in education.

WEBSITE Seven stories from victims of human trafficking compiled by Olga Trusova and Dan Archer.

Chameli Goes to School
WEBSITE A crowd-funded anti-trafficking comic book educating school students in Nepal. By CauseVision, Educational Comic Books.

WEBSITE A anit-trafficking comic book for Mexican High School students. By CauseVision, Educational Comic Books.

Paying for it
WEBSITE Chester Brown's autobiographical graphic novel about his experience as a Jon.

Traffick, Inc.
WEBSITE This crowd-funded graphic novel is based on true stories and explores trafficking in the United States.

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