2012 Conflict Material Rankings: Raise Hope for the Congo
VIEW Electronics are a huge part of modern life; see which companies are making an effort to use conflict free materials in their products.  

Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking
VIEW An examination of the close links between domestic violence and human trafficking vulnerabilities. Presentation of current research by Dr. Stepanka Korytova, Indiana University Adjunct.

Global Modern Slavery Directory
VIEW A tool for searching trafficking organizations.

How to Responsibly Create Technological Interventions to Address the Domestic Sex Trafficking of Minors
VIEW How to Responsibly Create Technological Interventions to Address the Domestic Sex Trafficking of Minors. A statement by human trafficking researchers and Microsoft Research Connections, April 2013.

Human Trafficking and Technology
VIEW A framework for understanding the role of technology in the commercial sexual exploitation of children in the U.S.

Identifying Challenges to Improve the Investigation and Prosecution of State and Local Human Trafficking Cases: Executive Summary: Urban Institute 
VIEW "This report examines challenges faced in the investigation and prosecution of human trafficking in the United States."

IPATH: Human Trafficking Introduction

IPATH: Human Trafficking Fact Sheet

IPATH: Human Trafficking Red Flags for the General Public

Understanding the Organization, Operation, and Victimization Process of Labor Trafficking in the United States: Urban Institute and Northeastern Univeristy (October 2014)
VIEW "This study examines the organization, operation, and victimization process of labor trafficking across multiple industries in the United States. It examines labor trafficking victim abuse and exploitation along a continuum, from victims recruitment for work in the United States; through their migration experiences (if any), employment victimization experiences, and efforts to seek help; to their ultimate escape and receipt of services."

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