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Commodity - A Counter Trafficking Album
WEBSITE A crowd-funded "album for freedom" by Remedy Drive.

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Art Works for Freedom
WEBSITE Art Works for Freedom housed digital versions of images from Bought and Sold the Exhibit as well as a variety of photographs of trafficking, quilts, and film.

Broken Flowers: dance theater
WEBSITE Dance performance on the topic on human trafficking, also doubling as therapy for victims of sex trafficking.

Felicia Follum Art: Lily Pad Project
WEBSITE Felicia uses lily pads to talk about human trafficking by comparing the lily pad and its root system to trafficking victims and the system of trafficking.

The Freedom Center
WEBSITE "Invisible: Slavery Today is the world's first museum-quality, permanent exhibition on the subjects of modern-day slavery and human trafficking."

Freedom Exhibition
WEBSITE Digital copies of art works from a variety of mediums.

The Natasha Project
WEBSITE Uses dance to raise awareness about sex trafficking and helps survivors with restorative dance therapy.


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