Anonymously Yours (2002)

Born Into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids (2004)
WEBSITE “A tribute to the resiliency of childhood and the restorative power of art, Born into Brothels is a portrait of several unforgettable children who live in the red light district of Calcutta, where their mothers work as prostitutes.”

Call + Response (2008)

Children for Sale (2005)

DMT (2010)

The Dark Side of Chocolate (2010)

The Day my God Died (2003)

Fatal Promises (2009)

Girl Model (2011)
WEBSITE Russian child models are trafficked for exploitation in the Japanese fashion market.

Half the Sky (2012)
WEBSITE “The documentary series introduces women and girls who are living under some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable — and fighting bravely to change them.”

Human Trafficking: A Crisis for the EU and the World (2007)
ABSTRACT Human trafficking is a major problem as the European Union deals with migration in the first decade of the 21st century.

The Hunt for Britain’s Sex Traffickers (2010)

Indoctrinated: The Grooming of our Children into Prostitution (2011)

In the Name of Love (2003)

Kayan Beauties (2012)

Life II : Stop the Traffick (2001)

National Geographic Inside the Body Trade (2007)

Nefarious I: Merchant of Souls (2011)  
WEBSITE “A hard-hitting documentary that exposes the disturbing trends in modern sex slavery.”

The Peacekeepers and the Women (2003)

The Price of Sex (2011)
WEBSITE “The Price of Sex is a feature-length documentary about young Eastern European women who’ve been drawn into a netherworld of sex trafficking and abuse”

The Price of Youth (-)

Rape for Profit (2012)
WEBSITE “This feature-length documentary from Mew Films is the product of hundreds of hours of ridealong footage with Sea-Tac street crimes unit and the Seattle high-risk victims unit, including undercover sting operations and interviews with some of Seattle’s leading politicians and leaders.”

Redlight (2009)
WEBSITE “Narrated by Lucy Liu, REDLIGHT is a powerful feature documentary about child sexploitation, an epidemic happening in every country around the world.”

Sacrifice: The Story of Child Prostitution in Burma (1998)

The Selling of Innocents (1996)

Sex + Money: A National Search for Human Worth (2011)
WEBSITE “A documentary about domestic minor sex trafficking and the modern-day abolitionist movement fighting to stop it.”

Sex Slaves (2006)

Sisters and Daughters Betrayed (1996)

Tin Girls (2003)

Trading Women (2003)
ABSTRACT Sex trafficking in South East Asia is related to citizenship, economics, culture, and low access to information.

Trafficking Cinderella (1999)

Walking Merchandise: Child Trafficking and the Snakehead Trade (2012) 
ABSTRACT WATCH FILM Traffickers, or “snakeheads,” facilitate the flow of young adults from Fujin Province, China, to the United States.

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And Soon the Darkness (2010)

Angels of the Sun (2006)

A Dance for Bethany (2007)
WEBSITE “A DANCE FOR BETHANY tells an inspiring and compelling story of how one woman risks everything to help a sex trafficked victim out of the world of slavery and into a world with a future and a hope of fulfilling a childhood dream of becoming a real dancer.”

Coyote (2014)

Difret (2014)

Dirty Pretty Things (2002)

The Donor (1995)

Eden (2012)
WEBSITE “Eden, a young Korean-American girl, is abducted near her home in New Mexico and forced into prostitution by a domestic human and drug trafficking ring located outside the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada.”

The Harvest (1992)

Heartbeat (2010)

Holly (2007)

Human Trafficking (2005)

The Jammed (2007)

Kite (2014)
WEBSITE  based on an anime film also called Kite

Kumun Tadi (2014)

Lilya 4-Ever (2002)
ABSTRACT A 16 year old girl is sex trafficked.

The Man from Nowhere (2010)

Merantau (2009)

Not Today (2013)

Pembroke Circle

Pernicious (2013)

Promised Land (2004)

Relentless (-)

Sex Traffick (2004)

Shuttle (2008)

Skin Trade (2015)

Taken (2008)

Taken 2 (2012)

There is No Place for You Here (2011)
WEBSITE “There is No Place for You Here is a short documentary about illegal child labor in the gold mines of Ghana.”

Throwdown (2014)

Trade (2007)

Trade of Innocents (2012)
WEBSITE “In the back streets of a tourist town in present-day Southeast Asia, we find a filthy cinder block room; a bed with soiled sheets; a little girl waits for the next man. Alex (Dermot Mulroney), a human trafficking investigator, plays the role of her next customer as he negotiates with the pimp for the use of the child. Claire (Mira Sorvino), Alex's wife, is caught up in the flow of her new life in Southeast Asia and her role as a volunteer in an aftercare shelter for rescued girls where lives of local neighborhood girl's freedoms and dignity are threatened. Parallel story lines intertwine and unfold twists against the backdrop of the dangerous human trafficking world, in a story of struggle, life, hope and redemption in the "TRADE of INNOCENTS."”

Traffickers (2012)

Turistas (2006)

Very Young Girls (2007)
WEBSITE “Very Young Girls is an exposé of the commercial sexual exploitation of girls in New York City as they are sold on the streets by pimps and treated as adult criminals by police.”

The Whistleblower (2010)
“Inspired by actual events, Kathy (Academy Award® winner Rachel Weisz) is an American police officer who takes a job working as a peacekeeper in post-war Bosnia. Her expectations of helping to rebuild a devastated country are dashed when she uncovers a dangerous reality of corruption, cover-up and intrigue amid a world of private contractors and multinational diplomatic doubletalk.”

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21st Century Sex Slaves (2011) National Geographic

The Bill (1984-2010) fremantlemedia
WEBSITE Season 22, Episode 69: Investigators find trafficked women

Call the Midwife (2012) BBC & PBS
WEBSITE Season 1 episode 2: The midwives meet a pregnant 15 year old who has been trafficked.

Criminal Minds (2005- ) CBS
WEBSITE Season 6, Episode 24 "Supply and Demand": They investigate a human trafficking ring where the highest bidder chooses they death of the victim.

Crossing Lines (2013-) NBC
WEBSITE Season 2, Episode 6 "Freedom"

Dexter (2006-2013) Showtime
WEBSITE Season 1, Episode 5 "Love American Style": Dexter tracks a human trafficker

Gotham (2014) Fox
WEBSITE In Season 1 Episode 2 “Selina Kyle,”: Homeless children are trafficked.

Graceland (2013-) USA Network
WEBSITE Season 2, Episode 7 "Los Malos" & Episode 8 "The Ends"

JAG (1995-2005)
WEBSITE Season 8, Episode 18 "Fortunate Son": A couple are suspected of human trafficking

Justified (2010-) FX
WEBSITE Season 2, Episode 2 "The Life Inside"

The Mentalist (2008-) CBS
WEBSITE Season 2, Episode 22 "Red Letter": The leader of an anti-trafficking organization is murdered

NCIS: Los Angeles (2009-) CBS
WEBSITE Season 2, Episode 1 'Human Traffic" & Season 5, Episode 11  "Iron Curtain Rising"

Nikita (2010-2013) CW
WEBSITE Season 4, Episode 1 "Wanted "

Rookie Blue (2010-) ABC
WEBSITE Season 5, Episode 9 "Moving Day"

To Catch a Smuggler: Alien Smuggling National Geographic

Without a Trace (2002-2009) CBS
WEBSITE Season 4, Episode 7 "The Innocents": Search for a girl who was forced to become a part of child pornography and prostitution. 


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#Buycott -- ending human trafficking | Jesse Bach | TEDxClevelandStateUniversity (2014) TEDx Talks
WATCH " #Buycott: What Jeff Goldblum, dinosaurs and a blackout can teach us about ending human trafficking. We can relegate human trafficking – in all its forms."

25 Painfully Disturbing Facts About Human Trafficking (2014) list25
WATCH "These are 25 painfully disturbing facts about human trafficking."

"All Walks Project" raises awareness for sex trafficking (2015) The State Press

America’s Daughters (2014) Polaris Project (Official)
WATCH “America's Daughters is a powerful piece of spoken word written and performed by a female survivor of sex trafficking. Through her words, we gain a brief glimpse into the unbelievable exploitation so many people have endured while yearning for what we all need: LOVE. This woman's brave decision to speak out also demonstrates the remarkable resilience of the survivors Polaris Project serves every day.”

A novel solution to sex trafficking: Sandy Skelaney at TEDxMiami (2013) TEDx Talks
WATCH "Sandy Skelaney is a consultant currently working with the Florida Network of Youth and Family Services.  She provides training and technical assistance to youth centers regarding the issue of sex trafficking of children."

Bazaar-English (2014)  nirmala nair

The Business of Human Trafficking: Dr. Celia Williamson at TEDxToledo (2012) TEDx Talks
WATCH "In 1993 Celia Williamson founded the first program called Second Chance, for prostituted and trafficked girls in Ohio. Since then, she's published over 25 articles on commercial sexual exploitation, conducted over 100 presentations, and founded the first national and now international annual conference on human trafficking that brings over 40 presenters to an annual audience of 400."

Child sex trafficking in America | Nacole | TEDxRainier (2014) TEDx Talks
WATCH "Child sex trafficking is a form of modern day slavery, and according the Department of Justice, human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal enterprise. Nacole, a mother of four, shares her story about her family's painful experience with this issue, the professional help they found and the steps we can take to ensure that this does not continue."

Combating human trafficking: AnnJannette Alejano-Steele at TEDxMileHighWomen (2012) TEDx Talks
WATCH "AnnJannette Alejano-Steele has dedicated her life to spotting, researching, and combating human trafficking in Colorado. As she explains in this eye-opening talk, human trafficking takes many forms and it's not always easy or convenient to see the truth in what's happening around us."

Design a Paradigm for Social Impact:  Pardis Mahdavi at TEDxArtCenterCollegeOfDesign (2012) TEDx Talks
WATCH "Pardis Mahdavi presents why the paradigm on human trafficking is broken and an importance shift needs to happen."

Enslaved: from victim to victor: Jessica Minhas at TEDxFiDiWomen (2013) TEDx Talks
WATCH "Jessica Minhas is a recognized humanitarian and social justice advocate. Her work has taken her around the globe addressing issues of human trafficking and human rights injustices. She is a regular speaker and media contributor on sex slavery and abuse."

Every 15 Seconds: Matt Friedman at TEDxSanJoaquin (2012) TEDx Talks
WATCH "Matt Friedman reflects upon the breadth and range of human slavery in the world today and how we can all play our part in helping to address this global problem."

Former human trafficking victim speaks out (2013) CNN
WATCH "Adriana Hauser tells us the story of a woman who lived a nightmare and dares to tell her story to help others."

Hidden in plain sight - slavery in your Community: Dr. Kate Transchel at TEDxChico (2013) TEDx Talks
WATCH "Since 1999, Dr. Transchel has been researching modern day human trafficking around the world. Her findings, after interviews with dozens of victims, will surprise and shock even those who consider themselves well-informed."

Human trafficking - 21st century slavery: Faridoun Hemani at TEDx SugarLand (2012) TEDx Talks

Human Trafficking | Anne Victory | TEDxYoungstown (2015) TEDx Talks
WATCH "A discussion on slavery and the many types of slavery going on today. Anne Victory, HM, currently serves as Education Coordinator for the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking."

Human trafficking - dreams and realities: Diep Vuong at TEDxSanJoseCA (2012) TEDx Talks
WATCH "As cofounder of Pacific Links Foundation (PALS) a US-ased international NGO, Diep Vuong designed and spearheads an innovative program to combat human trafficking in Vietnam. PALS focuses on human trafficking prevention through scholarships, vocational training and public advocacy in vulnerable communities.  It is the only organization that operates two shelters for trafficking survivors at the Southern and Northern borders of Vietnam. "

Empowering trafficked youth | Lauren Burke | TEDxTeachersCollege (2014) TEDx Talks
WATCH "What does it take to empower trafficked immigrant youths? Motivation? Knowledge of the law? Burke suggests it may be a new appreciation of life."

From global to local -- modern day slavery | Jennifer O’Farrell | TEDxRiverside (2015) TEDx Talks
WATCH "In this poignant, revealing and important talk Jennifer uncovers the world of teenage sex slavery and why the words teen prostitute are an injustice to the horrors that these girls go through."

Hiding in plain sight - modern day slavery in the heartland: Kris Wade at TEDxWyandotte (2014) TEDx Talks
WATCH "Kris Wade is the executive director /co-founder of the Kansas City Justice Project, a nonprofit human rights organization in Kansas City, Missouri, providing advocacy and criminal justice system navigation for women in poverty suffering from homelessness, domestic violence, mental illness, addiction, prostitution, or other forms of trafficking exploitation/abuse"

How to end modern day slavery -- surviving the sex industry | Roslynn Gallegos | TEDxABQ (2014)TEDx Talks
WATCH "Roslynn Gallegos is an advocate for victims of human trafficking and a recent graduate from the New Mexico Highlands University School of Social Work."

Human Trafficking PSA "I am not for sale" (2015) Adisa

Human trafficking: Rachel Lloyd at TEDxUChicago (2012) TEDx Talks
WATCH "Rachael Lloyd is an anti human-trafficking advocate. She is the founder and Executive Director of the New York-based Girls Educational and Mentoring Services (GEMS). Since immigrating to the United States, Rachel has worked with incarcerated women, as well as combatting commercial sexual exploitation of children and young women within the United States."

Human trafficking -- stop the nightmare | Kim Dempster | TEDxFultonStreet (2014) TEDx Talks
WATCH " If you were taken into captivity, what dreams might you have on the first night you realized what had happened?  Whether it’s an adult laborer or a girl taken for sex trafficking, you are immediately transported to those visually arresting thoughts and invited to feel what it’s like to be trapped without a voice."

Human Trafficking: Stop the Silence | Catalleya Storm  | TEDxDayton (2015) TEDx Talks
WATCH "Catalleya, through their own story, will demystify the silent trade of young people in our own backyard and challenge society to find one way to respond to the problem."

Human trafficking -- the story behind the statistics | Malika Zekhni | TEDxElsaHighSchool (2014)TEDx Talks
WATCH "On a school trip to cambodia Malika Zekhni learned firsthand the power that we have to make a significant change in the lives of others."

It takes inexperience to change the world | Philip Hyldgaard | TEDxUniversityofMacedonia (2015)TEDx Talks
WATCH "Philip Hyldgaard is one of the prominent NGO leaders in the fight against human trafficking. At the age of 23, he moved to Greece to pioneer The A21 Campaign, and embarked on opening the organization’s first shelter; later he oversaw the launch of the national human trafficking hotline for Greece, 1109."

Jackson Katz: Violence against women—it's a men's issue (2013) TED
WATCH "Domestic violence and sexual abuse are often called "women's issues." But in this bold, blunt talk, Jackson Katz points out that these are intrinsically men's issues -- and shows how these violent behaviors are tied to definitions of manhood."

Kevin Bales: How to combat modern slavery (2010) TED
WATCH "In this moving yet pragmatic talk, Kevin Bales explains the business of modern slavery, a multibillion-dollar economy that underpins some of the worst industries on earth. He shares stats and personal stories from his on-the-ground research -- and names the price of freeing every slave on earth right now."

Lisa Kristine: Photos that bear witness to modern slavery (2012)TED
WATCH "For the past two years, photographer Lisa Kristine has traveled the world, documenting the unbearably harsh realities of modern-day slavery. She shares hauntingly beautiful images -- miners in the Congo, brick layers in Nepal -- illuminating the plight of the 27 million souls enslaved worldwide."

Losing Control: JAY - a story about sexual exploitation (2012) ChildLine

Prevention is Protection | Jennifer Swain | TEDxEmory (2014) TEDx Talks
WATCH "Ms. Swain has been passionately involved with serving commercially sexually exploited victims for the past six years. Swain’s influential vision aided in the development of Georgia’s first trafficking-specific prevention program for youth ages 11-17, youthSpark Voices."

Prostitution is not a victimless crime | Andy Hall | TEDxTucsonSalon (2014) TEDx Talks
WATCH "Andy Hall, co-founder of Southern Arizona Against Slavery and law student at the University of Arizona presents human trafficking statistics, dispels prostitution myths, and offers a proposal to remedy this global issue."

Responding to Child Trafficking In Our Community | Madeline Hannan | TEDxAlbany  (2015) TEDx Talks
WATCH "This talk will discuss the issue of child trafficking as it affects the Capital District and will share what’s being done about it."

Seeking Justice Behind Enemy Lines: Daniel Walker at TEDxChristchurch (2013) TEDx Talks
WATCH "Daniel was a detective in the New Zealand police and has over 20 years of experience as a criminal investigator. He received his Master's Degree in Third World Development, eventually working exclusively for 4 years to investigate and infiltrate the sexual exploitation of women and children across the globe."

Sex Workers WANT to end Human Trafficking (2011) Serpent Libertine

Sheryl WuDunn: Our century's greatest injustice (2010) TED
WATCH "Sheryl WuDunn's book "Half the Sky" investigates the oppression of women globally. Her stories shock. Only when women in developing countries have equal access to education and economic opportunity will we be using all our human resources."

The Story of How MATOO Came to Be: Andrew Hanson at TEDxOxbridge (2012) TEDx Talks
WATCH "In 1998, having learned of human trafficking, Andrew saw that though men were its main problem, they were also its primary solution. However, doors to stop trafficking closed as he was not female nor a lawyer. So instead, he created the international organization MATTOO that engages and informs men to decrease the demand of human trafficking."

Sunitha Krishnan: The fight against sex slavery (2009) TED
WATCH "Sunitha Krishnan has dedicated her life to rescuing women and children from sex slavery, a multimilion-dollar global market. In this courageous talk, she tells three powerful stories, as well as her own, and calls for a more humane approach to helping these young victims rebuild their lives."

TEDxGrandValley - James Kofi Annan - Surviving Child Trafficking (2011) TEDx Talks
WATCH "James Kofi Annan is a survivor of child trafficking. Despite severe poverty and abuse circumstances, James rose to become a university graduate and later became manager at Barclays Bank of Ghana. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Challenging Heights."

TEDxSanAntonio Shannon Sedgwick Davis End Human Trafficking (2011)TEDx Talks
WATCH "Sedgwick-Davis was involved with Operation Eleben: Journey to Sway Pak to save children from being sold for sex. Some were as young as 5. In her talk, Shannon shows gripping video from the emotional rescue of 37 children  "Human trafficking is in our backyards," she says, adding that one in every five people being imprisoned have passed through Texas."

Thailand Documentary - Human Trafficking & Prostitution (2014) Thailand Life 
WATCH "Unveiling sex slavery in Thailand. This doc explores human trafficking for prostitution in Bangkok & Pattaya."

Tina Frundt at TEDxAdamsMorganWomen (2012) TEDx Talks
WATCH "Ms. Frundt is the Executive Director and Founder of Courtney's House. Ms. Frundt has been actively raising awareness of the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) on a national level since 2000. Herself a survivor of sex trafficking, Ms. Frundt is deeply committed to helping others living through experiences similar to her own."

Turning up the volume, bringing human trafficking down: Ruici Tio at TEDxUbud (2013) TEDx Talks
WATCH "In tune with combining the transformative power of technology, musicians, and education to kick start political and social change, Ruici is on a mission to stop the degrading and inhumane practice of this slavery, which is the third most profitable criminal activity in the world (US$10 billion annually)."

Use Social Media To Fight Injustices Worldwide | Erica Greve | TEDxUniversityofNevada (2015)TEDx Talks
WATCH "Erica Greve is the founder and CEO of the anti-human trafficking organization Unlikely Heroes. In this passionate talk she describes how Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria kidnapped 270 schoolgirls on April 14, 2014. The social media campaign #bringbackourgirls helped fight the injustice, until people stopped raising their voices."

The village of stolen kidneys - [Editor's cut] (2014) Alanedit

World debate: trafficking part 1: BBC (January 19, 2011)
WATCH A series of 5 videos on global trafficking.

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