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Airline Discounts

IU has established a preferred carrier agreement with Delta Airlines. The agreements provide Indiana University with discounts on tickets purchased through one of our Designated Travel Agencies or booking through IU's on-line travel planner to any domestic or international destination. Discounts fluctuate and are calculated each quarter. The amount of discount depends on IU's volume so please use Delta airlines whenever possible.

Travelers are expected to take advantage of preferred carrier agreements when making decisions regarding flights. Penalties, which apply to changes and cancellations of non-refundable tickets, are reimbursed if the change is made for business, rather than for personal reasons. IU approves economy (coach) class travel and will only reimburse for that type of fare, unless the flight or circumstance meets specific restrictions. Information regarding airfare class requirements can be found in the Travel Policy found here.

If a traveler includes a personal trip in an itinerary, and the trip includes a fare to another city, IU's portion of the airfare is calculated by obtaining a quote through our online travel planner for a 30-day, round trip, advance purchase ticket using comparable business travel days.

How to Charge Airfare to an IU Account

  1. Call one of the Designated Travel Agencies or book online through Egencia.
  2. You must provide the employee/student ID number (for employee and student) travelers or for nonemployees, the employee ID of the employee making the reservation. Required
  3. Specify the account number being used to fund the reservation. Required
  4. Sub-account. Optional

Ticketless Travel Policy


IU requires original receipts for ticketless travel, if not prepaid by IU. Ask for a paid receipt at the time of booking or at the ticket counter. It is expected that every effort will be made to obtain a receipt whether it be before or after the trip. If it is not possible to do so, proof of payment and the airfare itinerary is required.

Acceptable proof of payment is a photocopy of a credit card statement used for payment. Be sure to redact all criticalor sensitive databefore uploading to IU system. Visit this website for more information regarding critical data.

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