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Non-employee Travel Overview

Payments can be made to and/or on behalf of nonemployee travelers when the individual is conducting university business travel. Reimbursements for out of pocket travel expenses that meet Accountable Plan guidelines must be submitted through Chrome River using the Nonemployee/Nonstudent Travel report type.

A KFS vendor record is required for each nonemployee traveler before travel reservations can be secured or reimbursements submitted on behalf of the nonemployee traveler. The Refund Vendor type may be utilized for nonemployee travel that meets the Accountable Plan guidelines. The Refund Vendor type does not required submission of tax documentation. Therefore, it is important to determine if the travel falls within the Accountable Plan guidelines prior to securing travel reservations as reimbursements that fall outside of the Accountable Plan guidelines are taxable and would, therefore, require tax documentation.

Examples of Nonemployee travel that fall under the Accountable Plan include:

  • Travel Expenses for an invited guest speaker.
  • Travel Expenses associated with a job candidate.

Examples of Nonemployee travel that fall outside the Accountable Plan include:

  • Expenses past the 60 day accountable plan time frame.
  • Spousal travel not related to job placement.

Be sure to review the following information before agreeing to pay travel expenses on behalf of the nonemployee:

Payments for Honoraria/Compensation for Services arenot a travel expense and cannot be processed through Chrome River. These types of payments do not fall under the Accountable Plan and are taxable to the individual and require tax documentation. The Refund Vendor type is not allowed for honoraria payments. See the FMS website here for additional information regarding honoraria/compensation for services detail.

Prepayment Programs

The following prepayment programs may be used to pay travel related expenses on behalf of nonemployee travelers:

IU Prepayment Programs require a KFS vendor record for each non-employee traveler. Use the "Vendor Lookup" tool to search in KFS for a vendor record (Payee ID) for the non-employee traveler. If a vendor record is not found, you must create a vendor record for the traveler. Instructions for creating a vendor record in KFS can be found here.

Specific instructions for utilizing prepayment programs for nonemployee travelers can be found on the pages referenced below:

Airfare, Egencia lodging and Classic Touch limo charges will be presented in the ewallet in Chrome River of the IU employee who made the reservation. The delegate/arranger must reconcile the prepay expense by creating a Nonemployee/Nonstudent Travel expense report in Chrome River. The vendor record/Payee ID of the non-employee traveler will be available in Chrome River provided the vendor record has been established in KFS for the non-employee traveler. The prepaid expense will be charged to the department account allocated on the expense report once the report is final approved.

Click HERE for specific instructions on how to reconcile pre-paid charges in Chrome River

Non-employee Reimbursement

Out of pocket travel expenditures for non-employee travelers must be submitted through Chrome River using the Non-employee/Non-student Travel report type. The expense report will need to be submitted by a department representative as non-employee travelers do not have access to Chrome River.

Review the Travel Policy FIN-TRV-1.0 for information regarding allowable travel expenses. Expense reports must be submitted within 60 days from the return date of the trip in order to avoid tax penalty. Expense reports submitted beyond 120 days from the trip end date will not be reimbursed.

Supporting receipt/documentation requirements for out-of-pocket travel reimbursements can be found here.

View the Non-Employee/Non-Student Travel tutorial for instructions on submitting a non-employee reimbursement in Chrome River.

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