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Making Out of State Travel Arrangements

Indiana University has contracts with several travel agencies who are official Designated Travel Agencies. Travelers may make travel arrangements through any travel agency or directly with the airline. However, for the traveler's convenience, the air charges may be prepaid by the University through IU corporate air card if a Designated Travel Agency is selected or booking through IU's online travel planner.

If travelers choose to use an agency other than one of our designated agencies, they should pay these charges and submit receipts for reimbursement after returning from the trip.

In order to allow business travelers a way to charge their hotel expense to the university, IU has teamed with, an online hotel booking agency. With, you will be able to make your hotel reservations online and charge the expense to the IU hotel credit card. You no longer have to personally incur the expense and be reimbursed after your trip. If travelers choose to use an online agency other than to make their lodging arrangements, they should pay these charges and submit receipts for reimbursement after their trip.


Domestic Travel Authorization

Travel authorization is required for all domestic and foreign trips. Instate trips do not require authorization unless the traveler wishes to request a prepayment of expenses.

Complete the Department Travel Authorization Form (PDF) prior to travel and file the original in the department files. The original travel authorization must be kept in the department for three years. The fiscal officer is responsible for maintaining this documentation.

The traveler and fiscal officer must sign the form. If a signature delegate signs on behalf of the fiscal officer, his or her full signature should be signed next to that of the fiscal officer with a slash separating the two names. If more than one account is funding the travel expenditures, the fiscal officer for each account must approve and sign the travel authorization.

Please Note: If the fiscal officer is also the traveler, an additional approval signature is required.

Send a photocopy of the Department Travel Authorization form via fax to 812-855-8866 or via campus mail to Travel Management Services, Poplars 613, Bloomington Campus if airfare.

Travelers should visit the Travel Management Services task center in One.IU to sign up for direct deposit of travel reimbursements prior to traveling, in order to facilitate their reimbursement. A valid network ID is needed in order to sign in and the direct deposit sign-in is in the 'My Finances' channel.

Please Note: Direct deposit of travel reimbursements will be required for all IU faculty and staff travelers with the full implementation of Travel@IU (the online reimbursement system). Travel reimbursements may be credited to a different account than payroll if desired.

An Out of State Travel Reimbursement Request Form will be sent to the traveler three days prior to the return date designated on the travel authorization form.


Processing Out of State Reimbursement Claims

Travelers must complete the Department Travel Authorization Form (PDF) and obtain appropriate signatures from account manager(s) prior to travel. The original form must be kept in the department for three years. The account manager is responsible for maintaining these travel documents and should be aware that they are being routinely audited. Please advise travelers to keep their own records for the filing of tax claims and other personal use.

Note: Send photocopies of the Department Travel Authorization form to Travel Management Services. The original authorization form must remain in your department.

The department assigns a department request number and includes the official department code and appropriate campus code on the Department Travel Authorization form. This department request number, combined with the department code, and campus code, is the actual authorization for the trip to occur and is used to track all of the charges on a particular trip. The authorization number is used in charging airfares to Designated Travel Agencies, for prepaid registration and for charged limousine fares. Travelers must pay for their own lodging expenses and then request a reimbursement after the trip

The department request number can be up to 5 alphanumeric characters. Do not include slashes, dashes or other symbols. These numbers cannot be re-used. Three days before the ending date of the trip a Travel Reimbursement Form will be mailed to the traveler. If the reimbursement form is not received after the travel is completed, please check to make sure the authorization form or data was received by TMS.

The traveler provides an itemized list of expenses on the reimbursement request, attaches original receipts, provides the complete purpose of the business travel, indicates if personal time was involved, and forwards the reimbursement request to the fiscal approver for signature. Photocopies of receipts are not acceptable for travel reimbursement purposes.

Retired IU employees, and students are paid using the same procedure used for paying current IU employees.


Policies for Domestic Travel Reimbursement

An Out of State Travel Reimbursement Request Form is sent to the traveler three days prior to the return date designated on the travel authorization form. Call (812) 855-2873 if you completed a travel authorization form and did not receive the reimbursement form.

If you did not complete a Department Travel Authorization Form (PDF) prior to your trip, you will need to do so before reimbursement can be initiated.

Please Note: For claims other than lodging expense and student group travel, each traveler is responsible for their own expenses – Do not pay expenses for other travelers. For tracking purposes and to keep University accounts from being vulnerable to fraudulent claims, travelers can only be reimbursed for their own expenses.

Complete the Out of State Travel Reimbursement Request form as instructed:
  1. Purpose – The state auditors require that the purpose portion of the form be completed. Failure to fill out this section will result in the form being returned to the traveler. The purpose must contain the reason for the trip, name of the person being visited or name of the conference being attended (acronyms are not allowed). If the purpose of the trip is research, the type of research being done must be explained. A one or two sentence statement explaining more about the conference, research or other business travel will, in most cases, satisfy the auditor's requirements.
  2. Preprinted Information – Verify and correct all the preprinted information on the form, such as the means and dates of travel, the destination, the traveler‘s name, campus address, and the account number that will be charged.
  3. Travel Dates – The dates of travel should reflect the entire time of travel including any personal business dates, such as vacation (regardless if the personal time was before, during or after). If personal time was involved in the itinerary, check ‘yes’ in the appropriate space and supply the specific dates that were spent on non-IU business. If personal time was not involved, check the ‘no’ space. The reimbursement will be prorated to only include the business portion of the travel.
  4. Per Diem – To claim per diem (food allowance), enter time of departure and time of return. Per diem for a one-day trip in not paid for periods of less than 12 hours. Per diem on a multi-day trip is not paid for periods of less than 7.5 hours. For each day of per diem claimed, a lodging receipt with matching travel date must be submitted unless traveler was en-route.
  5. Meal Deductions – Indicate the number of meals (if any) which were included in registration, prepaid by IU or were provided by another source. The number should be written in the appropriate blanks (Example: 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 3 dinners).
  6. Personal Mileage Claimed – List and claim the personal car mileage. Include the departure city as well as the destination. Mileage is reimbursed from the official work station (campus) unless mileage for the traveler's home is closer to their destination. Fuel expense may be claimed in lieu of mileage with corresponding original receipts, provided the fuel expense does not exceed the mileage calculation.

    Also See: Traveling by Personal Car

    Please Note: A person who chooses to drive rather than fly may be paid travel status for a maximum of two full days (one day before and one day after the official business). The reimbursement for mileage may not exceed the cost of a comparable 30-day advance purchase airfare rate.

  7. Lodging – If lodging was paid by the traveler, list amount (for room & tax only) and include original itemized receipts (no photocopies or facsimiles). Charges must be for the single room rate. If the traveler shared a room with an IU employee and paid the total charge, reference the other traveler's trip number and attach the original receipt to the reimbursement of the person who is claiming the charge. A copy of the lodging receipt must accompany the reimbursement form of the other traveler so they may be reimbursed for per diem. Lodging claims are paid for room rate and applicable taxes only. Other items, such as business phone, fax, parking & internet, can be reimbursed if itemized under “Other Expenses”.
  8. Rental Car – The final itemized receipt is required for reimbursement. The pre-calculation or estimated receipt cannot be accepted as it does not state the final charges. Claims for fuel should be claimed under “Other Expenses”. Insurance cannot be reimbursed because IU is self-insured. Reimbursement will be prorated if the vehicle is used for personal time during the business travel. Travelers will be reimbursed for an economy sized vehicle unless an Exception to Policy Form (PDF) is used to explain the necessity of a larger vehicle.
  9. Original Receipts – All original receipts must be attached. The receipts listed below must accompany travel reimbursement request forms (where applicable) - photocopies or facsimiles are not considered original receipts and must be substantiated with an Exception to Policy form.
    • Airline ticket stubs (passenger receipt) – receipts not required for tickets purchased through designated travel agencies or Orbitz for Business or for tickets prepaid by IU
    • Checked luggage – IU will reimburse up to 2 checked bags.
    • Hotel prepaid by IU via – attach confirmation email for per diem purposes
    • Hotel paid by traveler – original, itemized receipt required
    • Car Rental – Unable to accept pre-calculation or estimated receipt
    • Parking – if parking at the airport, travelers will be reimbursed for long term parking only
    • Taxi
    • Registration Fees
    • Train – cannot reimburse for sleeping accommodations; allowed one day en-route each way
    • Tolls
    • Bus Fares
  10. Itemized Claims – Itemize all expenses on the reimbursement form.

    Please note: if receipts are attached but the expenditures are not itemized on the front of the reimbursement form, the traveler will not be reimbursed for the expenses.

  11. Airfare – Attach the airfare passenger receipt – not the boarding pass or itinerary. The receipt must show proof of payment or confirmed purchase. If airfare was not prepaid by IU, list the amount of the fare in the ‘Air’ section. Claims for First Class or Business Class travel will be reimbursed at the economy rate.
  12. Registration – If registration is not prepaid by IU, list the amount in the 'Registration' section and include the paid receipt (a canceled check or credit card statement can be used as a receipt). If prepaid by IU, verify the preprinted amount in the 'Prepaid by IU' column or fill in the amount in the blank.

    Please note: If meals were included in a registration fee they must be deducted to avoid duplicate claims. Please indicate the number of breakfasts, lunches and dinners that were paid by an external agency or covered under prepaid registration in the appropriate blanks (Example: 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 3 dinners).

  13. Airport Parking – Indianapolis airport parking is currently limited to $9 per day. The original parking receipt is required. If the traveler is making a one-day trip, IU will reimburse a parking maximum of $18 for garage parking if the trip is completed within 24 hours.
  14. Other Expenses – If the ‘Other’ category is used, each expense category must be itemized separately (taxi: $10, phone: $5.50, internet: $9.99)
    • If money was deposited in a pay phone, charges can be claimed in the 'Other' section with no receipt required.
    • Reimbursement of personal phone calls is made at the discretion of the fiscal officer and must be claimed under the 'Other' section.
    • Tips may be reimbursed for taxi and limousine expenses only.
    • Photocopying, poster printing, mailing charges, books, DVDs, and other supplies are not reimbursable through Travel Management.
  15. Accounts/Limits – Verify and make changes to account numbers, limits, sub-accounts and sub-object codes where applicable. Keep in mind that the account limit encompasses the entire trip which includes prepaid items such as airfare, hotels, rental car, rental car insurance, registration (if not paid on the Procurement card or through a DV), limos and advances.
  16. Signature Approval – The traveler and the fiscal officer must sign the reimbursement form. If the fiscal officer is also the traveler, an additional approval signature is required.
  17. Preparer's Information – Provide the phone number of the person who can answer questions that Travel Management Services may have regarding the reimbursement claims or trip details.
  18. Train Travel – A person who chooses to travel by train rather than fly may be paid travel status for a maximum of two full days (one day before and one day after the official business). The reimbursement for rail expense may not exceed the cost of a comparable 30-day advance purchase airfare rate. If sleeping accommodations are included in the rail expense, the traveler will receive reimbursement up to the coach fare rate.
  19. Send the completed Out of State Reimbursement Request form to Travel Management Services, Poplars 613, Bloomington Campus.

We strongly recommend that you read our list of common mistakes to help avoid issues that can result in delays in your reimbursement.


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