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KUALI Travel Expense Module (TEM)

TEM Overview

On August 1st, 2016, the Kuali Travel Expense Module (TEM) will be available to all IU faculty and staff. The TEM system will be replacing Travel@IU. Since certain functionality will not be included in the initial roll out of TEM, Travel@IU will still be available for trip initiation and reimbursement requests until October. Functionality that will not be included in the August 1st roll out includes:

  • - Group Travel
  • - Travel Advances
  • - Prepayment requests (check requests for conference registration and one-night lodging deposit)

You can continue to use Travel@IU for the functionality listed above until these components are implemented in TEM. However, new trips that do not contain these components should be entered in TEM.

Current arrangers in Travel@IU as of May 22, 2016 have been converted to TEM. Arrangers can be updated on the traveler's profile. Visit Travel On Demand Documentation (TODD) for instructions on adding/updating arrangers.

Travel@IU trip information will not be converted to TEM. If you started a trip in Travel@IU, you will need to complete the reimbursement in Travel@IU. However, if your Travel@IU trip will not take place until after December 31, 2016, please create a new trip in TEM to complete the reimbursement. Be sure to cancel the trip in Travel@IU and add the Travel@IU Trip ID number to the TEM trip for cross reference purposes.


TEM Profile

All current travelers as of May 22, 2016 will have a profile populated in TEM. A traveler must have a TEM Profile in order to create travel documents or have travel documents created on their behalf. The TEM Profile is used to store information about the traveler. This information will be used to auto populate certain fields within the travel documents. A default account number can be stored in the profile which will auto populate the account information on the Travel Authorization (TA) or Travel Reimbursement (TR) documents. Emergency contact information can also be added to the profile. This information is required for all international travel. If it stored in the traveler's profile, the information will auto fill on the TA/TR and will not have to be completed on the documents.

Visit the Travel On Demand Documentation (TODD) for information regarding creating and editing TEM Profiles.

TEM Training & Resources

Registration for "hands-on" training classes will be posted soon! See the Training page to view recorded training sessions of TEM.

Be sure to use our Travel On Demand Documentation (TODD) for step-by-step instructions on navigating TEM.

TEM Roles

The following chart explains the roles in TEM and what each role is able to do. This will be helpful as you decide which person/people in your department will be in each role.

TEM Routing

TEM documents route through Kuali Rice Workflow for approval. Current routing rules in Travel@IU have been converted to TEM. Documents that require supporting documentation, such as Travel Reimbursements, will not route for approval until the supporting documentation is electronically submitted and attached to the document. Visit Travel On Demand Documentation (TODD) for instructions on submitted supporting document for travel documents.

The chart below details the various route levels in TEM:

Travel Authorizations (TA) Routing Stages in Worflow

Travel Reimbursements (TR) Routing Stages in Workflow

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