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Creating a New Orbitz for Business Account

If you received a travel reimbursement in 2008, a profile containing your name, email address, and campus has been uploaded to the Orbitz for Business site. To gain access to your account you will need to follow these instructions:

  1. Go to and click ‘Forgot or don't have a password?’.
  2. Follow the prompts to activate your account.

If you have not received a travel reimbursement in 2008, please contact Travel Management Services at to request that a profile be created on your behalf. You will receive notification and further instructions on registering your account once your email address has been added to the Orbitz for Business site.

  • Profile requests submitted Mon-Fri before 12:00 will be ready for use no later than 5:00 PM the same day.
  • Requests submitted after 12:00 PM should be ready for use by 9:00 AM on the next business day.
  • Requests submitted on the weekend or on a holiday will be processed as quickly as possible on the next regular business day.

Getting Started with Orbitz for Business


Please Note: Department Travel Authorization forms must be submitted and a Trip ID (for employee travel) or a Disbursement Voucher number (for non-employee travel) must be assigned in order to book your reservation on the Orbitz for Business site.

Orbitz for Business makes it easy to get started. Visit the Quick Start guides to find a variety of helpful tips:

Updating your Orbitz for Business Account Profile


Orbitz for Business provides a personal profile screen for your use. Completing this screen allows you to enter and save information concerning flight preferences (seating, meal options, special assistance, frequent flyer numbers), preferred hotel and car rental vendors, personal information (name, phone, passport, emergency contact), credit card and billing. You may also change your password from this screen. Orbitz for Business will use preference information when searching for the best travel options for you. Completing this information is especially helpful if you have arrangers scheduling travel for you who may or may not be aware of your preferences.

IU Air Card


Air fare expenses may be charged to the IU Air Card. This card will automatically be available to you as an option on the Orbitz for Business site when booking flights. Expenses charged to the IU Air Card will be paid by Indiana University and will appear on your travel reimbursement as prepaid by IU. Please Note: Only air fare expenses can be charged to the IU Air Card. Hotel, rental car, and other expenses cannot be paid by this method.

Travel Arrangers


If you are authorized to arrange travel for other IU travelers, you will be able to use Orbitz for Business on their behalf. Travelers have the option to assign travel arrangers from their profile screen, or you can send a list of IU travelers (name and IU email address) for whom you currently arrange travel to Travel Management Services will then provide the necessary authorization for you to access your travelers' accounts.

Please Note: Travelers and arrangers must have a registered account with Orbitz for Business (as described above) before any reservations can be made.

Booking an American Airlines Flight


American Airlines has withdrawn from their online partnership with Orbitz. As a result, American Airlines fares will not appear in any search results provided on the Orbitz for Business website. However, IU travelers can check American Airlines fares and book flights through trained Orbitz representatives by calling 1-877-ORBITZ1. Agent assist fees will not be applied, only the standard online booking fee, and completed itineraries will be available on the “My Trips” page for the traveler or arranger. Full details are provided in a January, 2011 letter from Travel Management Services.

Orbitz for Business Mobile


In April 2011, Orbitz for Business launched a new site for the convenience of mobile users. The site, accessed at, provides all your favorite Orbitz features in a display that's optimized for the smaller screens of most smart phones. IU's standard Orbitz for Business settings apply, including policy messages and any applicable discounts.

The OFB Mobile Announcement Guide (PDF) provides full instructions for using the mobile interface.

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