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Getting Started with Egencia


If you did not have an account in Egencia, or are having trouble logging in to the Egencia site, contact Travel Management Services at to request an account. You must include the following information:

  • Full name (first, middle, and last) - Make sure the name matches your passport or driver's license information
  • 10-digit IU Employee number
  • IU email address
  • Role being requested (Traveler or Arranger)

After your account has been created, you will receive a welcome email from Egencia that will include in following information:

  • How to gain access to your account
  • Instructions on how to set up your travel preferences
  • Instructions on how to download Egencia to your mobile app (optional)

IU has set up Single Sign-On access to Egencia so you must use the "Single Sign-On" button to access your account.

Contact Travel Management Services at if you have trouble accessing your account.

Updating your Egencia Account Profile


Egencia provides a Travel Profile for each user. In the profile you are able to enter and save Personal Information (name, address, phone, and passport), Payment Options (credit cards and unused tickets), Travel Preferences (preferred flight, hotel, and car vendors), Egencia On The Go (flight alerts and calendar sync settings), and Travel Arranging information (add travelers/arrangers). Completing your travel preference information is especially helpful if you have delegates scheduling travel for you who may or may not be aware of your preferences.

See the Travel Delegate section below for more information.

IU Prepaid Air & Hotel Programs


Please be sure to review the Travel Policy found here for details regarding allowable travel expenditures before securing travel arrangements.

IU has established an IU Air Card to be used to charge airfare reservations and an IU Egencia Hotels Card to be used to charge hotel reservations. These IU corporate credit cards have been loaded within the Egencia booking tool and can be utilized when making reservations for IU business travel. Egencia can also be used for personal reservations but the traveler must pay personal reservations using a personal credit card as the IU Air and Egencia Hotels cards should never be used for personal expenditures.

When making IU business travel reservations for employee travelers, the employee's 10-digit IU Employee ID # will be used to link the reservation to the IU traveler. Reservations for IU students will be linked to the student's 10-digit IU Student ID. Travel for non-employee travelers will be linked to the 10-digit IU Employee ID of the individual who is making the reservation. A Guest account must be used when making airline and hotel reservations for non-employee travelers (see the Arranging for Non-IU traveler section below for more detail). A KFS Vendor Payee number must be assigned to the non-employee traveler prior to booking the reservation within Egencia. See the FMS website here for information regarding establishing KFS vendors.

The IU Air Card and the IU Egencia Hotels Cards have been preloaded within Egencia and will be presented as an option on the Egencia site when booking flights and hotels. Expenses charged to the IU credit cards will be paid by Indiana University and will appear in your Chrome River ewallet once the reservation been charged. Please Note: Only airfare and hotel expenses can be charged to the IU credit cards. Rental car and rail expenses cannot be paid by these methods. When making rental car and rail reservations through Egencia, a personal credit card must be used to charge the arrangements. See the Reconciling Egencia Prepaid Charges here.

If the traveler is taking personal time during the trip at a location unrelated to IU business, you may not use the IU Air Card or the IU Egencia Hotels Card to pay for the reservation. Personal expenses should never be billed to IU. In these instances, the traveler will need to use a personal credit card to pay the arrangements and can seek reimbursement through the online Travel System for the IU business portion of the expenditures.

Travel Delegates


Arranging for IU Employees and Students:

If the Arranger permission is assigned to your profile within Egencia, you can make travel arrangements on behalf of others. travel for other IU travelers, you will be able to use Egencia on their behalf. IU Employees and students have the option to assign travel delegates from their profile screen, or you can request to have a traveler added to your traveler list on your Egencia Travel Profile. Requests to have travelers added to (or removed from) a delegate's traveler list can be sent to

Please Note: Travelers and delegates must have a registered account with Egencia before any reservations can be made.

Arranging for Non-IU employees:

A Guest Account is required for reservations made on behalf of nonemployee travelers. The Guest Account can be accessed from your Travel Profile (by selecting "My travelers" in the Travel Arranging & Approval section) or selected from the "Choose a traveler" menu on a Book page (Flights, Hotels, Trains, Cars).

If you need to be assigned a Guest Account to make travel arrangements for Non-IU employees, please contact Travel Management Services at to request the account.

If the IU Air Card or the IU Egencia Hotel card is used as the payment method for the airfare or hotel charge, the credit card transaction will be presented in the delegate's e-wallet within Chrome River. The delegate will be responsible for creating a Nonemployee/Nonstudent Expense Report within Chrome River to reconcile the transaction. See the Prepaid Travel Expense Reconciliation documentation for detailed instructions

Reconciling Egencia Prepaid Charges


Reservations charged to the IU Air and the IU Egencia Hotels cards must be reconciled within the Chrome River Travel and Expenses system. A charge is not reconciled until it has been moved to an expense report, an account number has been assigned and the report has been final approved by the transaction approver. Upon final approval, the expense will be exported out of Chrome River and into the IU General Ledger within KFS, which will post the transaction to the department account. Click here for specific instructions on how to reconcile travel prepaid charges.

Airfare charges are incurred on the IU Air Card once the reservation is finalized. Therefore, the reservation should appear within the traveler's/arranger's ewallet in Chrome River within two to three weeks upon completion of the reservation. If a prepaid air reservation is cancelled within Egencia, the airline will typically issue a credit that will be placed in the traveler's profile to be used on a subsequent reservation with the same airline as the initial reservation within a one-year timeframe. When a new reservation is made, the traveler/delegate will be prompted to redeem the credit. Keep in mind that there will be a separate transaction fee associated with each airfare reservations. The transaction fee(s) must also be reconciled within Chrome River just as the airline charge is reconciled.

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