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In an effort to better serve its employees, the university has teamed with to offer travelers a convenient, cost-effective means of booking hotel reservations. You no longer have to personally incur hotel expenses and request reimbursement after your trip. By using for university business travel, you can charge hotel expenses to an IU departmental account using a Trip Number for employee travel, or a Disbursement Voucher number for non-employee travel.

Charges for the prepaid hotel expense will appear under the prepaid by IU section on the check stub, and on the trip document in Travel@IU.

Please note: If personal time is involved during your business travel, you will need to charge your hotel expense to a personal credit card and submit receipts to be reimbursed after your trip. You will not be able to use the IU program.

If reservations must be canceled, it is the responsibility of the traveler and the fiscal officer to make sure that the cancellation is made in advance so that "no show" charges are not incurred.

How to use

Employee Travel Instructions
Before your trip:
  1. Create a new trip in the Travel@IU, and route it for approval.
  2. Locate the approved trip on the Travel Activity page, and note the Trip Number. If the trip number has not yet appeared, contact Travel Management Services.
  3. If you have not already done so, establish an account with IU Click the Sign Up button to begin.
  4. Use your Trip Number and department account number to reserve your hotel room through IU
  5. Print two copies of the reservation confirmation; one for your records and one to submit to Travel Management Services when you request your Per Diem reimbursement.
After your trip:
  1. If you are claiming reimbursement for expenses incurred while on business travel, you will need to enter your expenses on the same Travel@IU trip document that you created prior to the trip. Instructions for accessing an existing trip and requesting reimbursement are provided in the Out-of-State Reimbursement Tutorial.
  2. If you are requesting Per Diem, you must provide proof of lodging. Submit your reservation confirmation to Travel Management Services along with any other receipts or documentation.

Please Note: If you have no other receipts to submit, you can enter 1 in the Number of Receipts field found in the Destinations section of the trip document. This will allow you to generate a trip coversheet and submit your reservation confirmation.

Non-Employee Travel Instructions
  1. Create a Disbursement Voucher in KFS in the non-employee’s name
  2. To set up an account select
  3. Once your account is established you can use the non-employee Disbursement Voucher number and departmental account number to make the hotel reservation.

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