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Motor Pool

NOTE: A Travel Authorization (TA) is no longer required to reserve a Motorpool vehicle if the trip is instate and you are not seeking reimbursement for travel expenses. However, if your department stipulates that a TA is required or if you are seeking reimbursement for travel expenses for your trip, once your TA document is FINAL approved, open the 'Agency Links' tab and click on 'Motorpool' to visit Motor Pool's Fleet Commander system and create a reservation.

Get Started with Motor Pool

IU Motor Pool offers vehicle rentals on the Bloomington campus to facilitate University business travel. There are two requirements for using their services:

  • The Motor Pool program may not be used for personal travel. If you are combining personal travel with business travel you will not be able to rent a Motor Pool vehicle. View the rental car discount page to research permissable options.
  • Drivers must have completed a Motor Vehicle Records check prior to departure.

Reservation requests are submitted directly to Motor Pool's Fleet Commander system after a Travel Authorization document is fully approved in TEM (if a TA is required). Full reservation instructions for arrangers and travelers are provided below.

Rental and insurance costs for Motor Pool vehicles charge directly to the department account specified when creating the reservation. Fuel expenses also charge directly to this account through the use of Motor Pool's Voyager Gas Cards. The charges will appear on the designated account as DI (Distribution of Income) billing charges.

Motor Pool Vehicles Offered:
SizeDaily RatesWeekly RateMonthly Rate
Compact$ 29.00$ 203.00$ 580.00
Mid-size$ 36.00$ 252.00$ 720.00
Mini Van$ 47.00$ 329.00$ 900.00
Large SUV$ 57.00$ 399.00$ 1140.00
Cargo VanOutside Agency Rates Apply
Pickup Trucks$30.00$ 210.00$ 600.00

Contacting Motor Pool


The Motor Pool is located at 801 N. Range Road in Bloomington. Rented vehicles must be picked up and dropped off at this location. The Motor Pool office hours are 6 AM to 5 PM, Monday - Friday. The garage hours are 6AM to Midnight, Monday - Friday.

  • Jon Roodschild
  • 801 N Range Road
  • Bloomington, IN 47408
  • Phone: 812-855-3300
  • Email:
  • Additional contact information
  • Devonne Nunn
  • Phone: 812-855-7412
  • Email:

Instructions for Motor Pool

  1. Create and route a Travel Authorization document in TEM. A TEM Doc # will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the document once it is in FINAL status.
  2. Using the 'Agency Links' tab (which appears once the Authorization document is approved) use the Motorpool link to reserve the vehicle through Motorpool's Fleet Commander system and indicate who will be using this vehicle rental:
    • If you are creating the reservation for yourself, select This vehicle is for me.
    • If you are an arranger creating this reservation on behalf of a traveler, select this vehicle is for ___. Then enter the traveler's network ID in the provided field, or use the search link to find and return the correct ID.

    Note: The driver, and any arranger who would like to enter reservations in the system, must have an Active Fleet Commander profile.

  3. If the usage type options appear, make an appropriate selection. Select IU Account for trips processed through TEM.
  4. Populate the vehicle reservation fields with dates, vehicle needs, and trip account details.

    NOTE: Be sure to enter the TEM Doc #, not the Document #, in the Trip Number field. Enter any additional comments for Motorpool's attention, and then click Next.

  5. Review the reservation details provided on the "Confirm Request" page. If accurate, click Submit Request.

    RESULT: Motor Pool finalizes a reservation and sends a confirmation email to the traveler, the arranger and the fiscal officer. After the confirmation email is received, the traveler or the arranger may contact Motor Pool if any changes are necessary.

Fleet Commander Profiles


Motor Pool’s Fleet Commander system requires an active profile for each traveler and for any arrangers that will be completing reservations in the system. All Bloomington travelers and arrangers are encouraged to establish a profile at their earliest convenience. Use the following guidelines to determine what steps are needed for yourself or your travelers:

  • Travelers and arrangers who have used a Motor Pool within the last two years will already have an active profile.
  • Travelers and arrangers who have used a Motor Pool within the last five years, but not within the last two years, will need to contact the Motor Pool office to have their profiles reactivated.
  • Travelers who have never used Motor Pool and arrangers who have reserved cars for others but never for themselves will need to visit the Fleet Commander site and create a new profile, Registration instructions (PDF).

Arrangers can create reservations on behalf of any traveler, but travelers must create their own fleet commander profiles. If this is not possible, please contact Motor Pool for assistance.

Approved Drivers


University policy requires that, as a condition for driving any vehicle on university business, drivers will give Indiana University authorization to conduct a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check and provide all information needed for conducting the check. Driving on university business will be prohibited if authorization to conduct a MVR check is not given.

Before driving for any trip, complete the Authorization Form for Motor Vehicle Records Check form.

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