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Pre-Travel Checklist

Instate Checklist

  1. Obtain approval to travel from the fiscal officer or Department Chair
  2. Determine method of travel (personal car, rental car, etc)
  3. You may need to create the trip in advance in the Travel@IU system, as described in the Instate Prepayment Tutorial. This is necessary if you plan to:
  4. Schedule your Enterprise Campus Rental (if applicable). Begin by clicking the Enterprise Campus Rental link provided at the bottom of your completed trip document in Travel@IU. Details are provided in the Enterprise Campus Rental section of this site.
  5. Schedule lodging reservations (if applicable). If using the IU program, obtain the Trip Number from the Travel@IU system. If the number has not yet appeared, you may contact Travel Management Services. For instructions see How to Use
  6. Obtain all original receipts while traveling

Out of State Checklist

  1. Obtain approval to travel from the Fiscal Officer or Department Chair.
  2. Determine method of travel (air, personal car, rental car, method of travel to the airport, etc).
  3. Create a new trip in the Travel@IU. For instructions on creating a new trip, view the Out-of-State Authorization Tutorial. If any prepayments are required, be sure to specify the necessary details while creating the trip.
  4. If you do request a registration or one-night lodging deposit prepayment, provide supporting documentation to Travel Management Services. This is required before any prepayment checks can be processed.
  5. When the authorization document is approved, a Trip Number appears on the traveler's Travel Activity page in the Travel@IU system. You can use this number to make the necessary reservations for this trip.
  6. If traveling outside of the US, obtain appropriate travel documents (passport, visa, etc) with Passport Services.
  7. Obtain all original receipts while traveling.

Non-Employee Checklist

  1. Create a Disbursement Voucher (DV) in KFS in the non-employee's name and save it to your Inbox. This generates a DV number that you will need to make travel arrangements for the non-employee if an IU account is funding the trip
  2. Make flight reservation (if applicable). To charge airfare expense to a departmental account, you must make arrangements through a Designated Travel Agency or online through Oribtz for Business using the DV number assigned to the non-employee
  3. Schedule transportation from the airport (if applicable). See Traveling by Car for instructions on scheduling limo services.
  4. Make hotel reservations through IU or use a hotel through which IU has a direct billing process set up. View a list of hotels that participate in the direct billing process.
  5. The traveler must sign the Payee Certification Document (PDF) or the coversheet of the DV
  6. The traveler must complete a W9 form. Contact FMS Tax to see if other tax forms are required
  7. Obtain original travel receipts from the traveler

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