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When renting, the University requires that you obtain the least expensive practical vehicle. Please remember to refuel your rental car prior to its return and save the gas receipts for reimbursement. Refueling rates charged by the rental agency are extremely expensive. One way or drop off charges can be reimbursed, but they add significant costs and should be avoided whenever possible.

If the rental vehicle is being used during personal travel days it is the traveler's responsibility to make this clear on their expense report in the Chrome River Travel and Expense system so that the reimbursement can be appropriately prorated to include the business days only.

The Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims (INLOCC) carries liability/damage insurance for business travel. Therefore, rental car insurance for reservations within the United States and Canada should be declined through the rental vehicle agency. For this reason, insurance on rental vehicles within the United States and Canada will not be reimbursed. Travelers should purchase rental car insurance when traveling in Mexico. INLOCC recommends purchasing insurance for all rental vehicle reservations outside of the United States and Canada. Therefore, rental vehicle insurance for travel outside of the United States and Canada will be reimbursed.

In case of accident contact the department and Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims website in addition to following normal accident procedures.

The proper use of safety restraints by passengers in a University insured vehicle is the responsibility of the operator of the vehicle.

The University does not reimburse flat tires, dead batteries, etc., or any violations such as parking or speeding tickets

Enterprise Rent-A-Car & National Car Rental are IU's Preferred Suppliers


The Big Ten has a preferred agreement with Enterprise holdings, which includes the Enterprise Rent-A-Car and the National Car Rental brands. Benefits for using a preferred supplier include but are not limited to the following:

  • Discounted Rates
  • Unlimited daily/weekly mileage. Some exceptions may apply, including monthly and one-way rentals.
  • Loss/Collision Damage Waiver coverage and liability coverage included on business rentals at no additional charge. Exceptions may apply with international rentals.

Rates and Program Summary

Eligible Renters

For Business Use: University employees, consultants and contractors. Students on university business with written authorization from the university.

For Non-Business Use: Employees, immediate family members of employees (residing in same household), Students age 21 and older, Alumni Organizations, Student Organizations or Clubs, Intramural Organizations or Clubs, IU Retirees.

See the Big Ten Car Rental Rates and Program Summary here.



For online Reservations for business and personal please use: Enterprise/National Car Rental Booking

NOTE: Effective August 1, 2018, personal use rentals in the US will no longer include damage waiver and third party liability coverage.

Enterprise Campus Rental Program


Click the title link for details.

IU Motor Pool - Fleet Services


Fleet Services at Indiana University Bloomington - Formerly IU Motor Pool - provides safe, reliable, and cost-effective vehicles for university transportation needs. Fleet Services is located at 801 N Range Road in Bloomington. See their website for additional information.

Approved Drivers


University policy requires that, as a condition for driving any vehicle on university business, drivers will give Indiana University authorization to conduct a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check and provide all information needed for conducting the check. Driving on university business will be prohibited if authorization to conduct a MVR check is not given.

Before driving for any trip, complete the Authorization Form for Motor Vehicle Records Check, found on IU's Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims website.

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