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Online Rental Car Reservations

Get Started with Enterprise Campus Rental

The Enterprise Campus Rental program allows travelers to charge their rental car expense to the IU rental car credit card rather than personally incurring the expense to be reimbursed after the trip.

If the trip is originating within Indiana and the traveler is on university business, then the expense can be charged directly to an IU departmental account through the steps defined below.

If your trip is originating outside of Indiana, you will not be able to charge the car rental expense to the University. It will need to be charged to the traveler's personal credit card and reimbursed after the trip. To make an Enterprise reservation originating outside the state of Indiana, simply use the public Enterprise website.

If personal time is involved during business travel, the traveler will need to charge the rental car expense to a personal credit card and then submit receipts to be reimbursed after their trip. The traveler will be reimbursed for the business portion of the travel expense. The traveler can use the following link to secure an Enterprise rental car: Reservations for Personal Use.

Please note: The discount code for reservations outside of Indiana and for personal travel is XZ08038. Enter this on the Enterprise website to receive the IU discount and applicable insurance coverage. Also, Enterprise now requires a billing number for trips charge to IU. That number is 17113781.

Charges for the Enterprise Campus Rental will appear under 'Reconciled Expenses' section of the Travel Authorization document, once the charges are submitted to Travel Management Services and reconciled to the department account. They will not appear immediately. Enterprise typically sends billing files 2 months after the charge is incurred. Fuel expenses must be claimed on the Reimbursement document through TEM.

Travel Instructions

Before your trip
  1. Create a new Travel Authorization document in TEM. Satisfy all required fields and submit for routing. For instructions on creating a TA document, see TODD under 'I am a Traveler".
  2. When the Travel Authorization document is in FINAL status you will receive a notification in your action list (and your email, if you have email notifications enables in your preferences). Open the Authorization document and locate the 'Agency Links' tab at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click the Enterprise Campus Rental link. The Enterprise Campus Rental reservation site opens in its own window, and will populate your document information.
  4. Enter the required details on the Enterprise site to complete your reservation. If the TEM Doc # does not populate in the TA field you will need to enter it along with the billing number (17113781).
  5. Upon completion of the process, you will receive an Enterprise confirmation email. Print a copy of the email for your records.

Additional information can be found on TODD in the 'I am a Traveler' section, listed under options including the phrase 'Using Direct Bill.'

After your trip
  1. If you are claiming reimbursement for expenses incurred while on business travel, you will need to enter your expenses on a Travel Reimbursement document generated from the Travel Authorization you created for your Enterprise Campus Rental. Instructions for accessing an existing trip and adding reimbursement expenses are provided on TODD.
  2. You do not need to take any further steps to account for the rental car expense. The expense will be placed in the 'reconciled expenses' section of the Reimbursement document after the charges are sent to Travel Management Services and manually reconciled.

Approved Drivers


University policy requires that, as a condition for driving any vehicle on university business, drivers will give Indiana University authorization to conduct a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check and provide all information needed for conducting the check. Driving on university business will be prohibited if authorization to conduct a MVR check is not given.

Before driving for any trip, complete the Authorization Form for Motor Vehicle Records Check, found on IU's Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims website.

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