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Pix of Carl and Friends


Trb section of the American Wind Symphony 1975. It was the 70's - we really looked like that....
Indianapolis Symphony - Jim Beckel, Blake Schlabach, John Bart
Posaune Decouple
In Vienna with the Phillies
Two of my three teachers
Paul Krzywicki
Bob Tucci
Visiting Dee, 1995
Jiggs & Schmu
Frank van Nooy (Dresdener Staatskapelle)
Gerhard Meinl (CEO, B&S)
Ferdinand Kleinschmidt and Vincent Ribes of B&S
Backstage with bass trumpet
Summit Brass: student, Lofton, student, Lenthe, Zalkind, Stevens
Biergarten Band - members of the Bamberg Symphony
Heiko Triebener
Bamberg Symphony Big Band
The absolute high-point of my career: fronting for an all-girl band! Nieces, daughter, sister and brother-in-law, playing for a family wedding.....
Niece Sarah, who would play the trb only when wearing her lilac beret. She has since gotten over the trb....
Franz Eder, section mate in the Bavarian State Orchestra

Robert Kamleiter, Richard Heunisch, Bob Tucci

of the Bavarian State Orchestra

Taylour, friend of the family. She also got over the trombone, perhaps with help of the trampoline....