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Ensemble Placement Auditions
Spring 2010

Monday, January 11th
beginning at 6:30 pm in MA 452

Below, you will find links to the required excerpts for the Spring 2010 ensemble placement auditions (orchestras and Wind Ensemble).  The referenced links will provide you with the excerpts in printable format.  While minor variances may be found between different scores and parts, for our audition purposes these examples will be considered definitive.  Please note that any brackets, cuts, or other manual entries in these parts may not pertain to our audition. Prepare the ink!  The exact passages to be played from these excerpts will be announced shortly before the audition.

The auditions are "blind", with the jurors not knowing the performers' identities.

Please sign up in person for the audition in SY246 before 12 noon on 1/11/2010. Upon signing up, you will receive your audition time.

These placement auditions are for placement in the four orchestras and Wind Ensemble. In the placement hierarchy, Wind Ensemble and Philharmonic Orchestra alternate as top placement.  If graduate students have an explicit preference for Wind Ensemble or orchestra, this should be communicated to the proctor before playing the audition. 

For Spring 2010 the Wind Ensemble will be top placement.


Tenor Trombones

Brahms - Etude

Brahms - Symphony No. 1

Mahler - Symphony No. 5 (trb 2)

Shostakovich - Symphony No. 5

Strauss - Don Juan (trb 2)

Strauss - Salome's Dance

Bass Trombones

Brahms - Symphony No. 1(scroll down at target page)

Mahler - Symphony No. 5

Strauss - Don Juan

Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 5


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