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Headline Details 2007-08


Sunday Open Performances introduced


A substantial increase in performance opportunities for our students is being introduced this semester: Sunday Open Performance Stage.  On many Sundays throughout the semester, MA452 will be available at 7pm for any and all trombone and euphonium players to perform.  Whether recital selections, audition lists, chamber music or jazz - it is hoped that these Sunday Opens will become an integral and vibrant part of our program.  A week before each date, an email call will go out for submissions, which will then be coordinated into a workable program of maximum 90 minute length.  Three Sundays are reserved before Spring Break:  1/20, 2/17 and 3/2

Two Guest Artists announced


The trombone faculty is pleased to announce two guest artists to visit campus this semester.

Mark Hetzler, trombonist with the Empire Brass Quintet and Professor of Trombone at the University of Wisconsin, Madison:

Friday 2/8 at 7:30pm in Sweeney Hall, Hetzler will perform from his interactive multi-media repertoire.

Saturday 2/9 at 12 noon in MA452, Professor Hetzler will present a master class for all brass, and cover topics from modern performance to chamber music.

Larry Zalkind, Principal-Trombonist of the Utah Symphony, will present a master class on Monday, March 3rd at 6:30pm in MA452


MM Open Juries introduced


Another new curriculum feature is being introduced by the trombone faculty:  MM Open Juries.  Unlike the undergraduate students who have freshman Juries and sophomore Upper Divisional Auditions, the masters students until now have had no playing exam until the hearing for their masters recital - usually in their final semester. 

These juries will be held early in the second MM semester and performed in a master class, with all students listening.  The trombone faculty believes this will be an important addition to the MM curriculum and experience, and that the undergraduate students will also benefit from hearing the level of playing.  The candidates will present a 7-minute selection with piano and also be asked for scales, sight-reading and standard audition excerpts.

This year's MM juries will take place in the 2/11 master class (6:30pm in MA452)

Entrance Auditions & Audition Eves


Entrance Audition season is already upon us!  Recruiting and admitting top talent from around the nation and world is one of the most important parts of our program.  The three audition Saturdays are 1/12, 2/2 and 3/1.  Together with the various ad hoc and recorded auditions, the trombone faculty anticipates listening to 80-100 auditions.  In recent years, the audition weekends have taken on a special tangent through the "Audition Eve" recitals, given each Friday before the audition Saturday, featuring performances by the faculty, trombone choir, and select student soloists and groups, and closing wth a mass reading of "Let There be Peace on Earth" by all trombonists present - sometimes as many as 40!  These recitals are followed by a reception at which audition candidates and parents can meet faculty and students in an informal, friendly setting.  The involvement of our students, not just as performers but also as reception helpers and more have made these weekends a special, bonding experience for our trombone area.

This years Audition Eve recitals are:

- Friday 1/11 at 8pm in Auer Hall

Faculty Soloists and student chamber groups

- Friday 2/1 at 7pm in Auer Hall

Student soloists and Faculty quartet

- Friday 2/29 at 7pm in Ford Hall

Trombone Choir and Faculty soloists

All free and open to the public.  Bring your trombone or euphonium if you want to play at the end!

Swap weeks continues after successful launch


The Studio Rotation initiated last semester was, in the opinion of students and faculty alike, an unqualified success and is being continued under the adopted name of "Swap Weeks".  This semester, the rotation will go in the opposite direction, i.e. Stewart-to-Ellefson-to-Lenthe.  In the weeks of February 11 and March 31, each student will have their lessons in the 'swap' studio.  In addition to this rotation, the euphonium students are also rotating into Professor Perantoni's studio for lessons.

The low brass faculty is pleased that the students can enjoy and profit in this way from the engaged, collaborative and collegial atmosphere that has developed and been cultivated in thier ranks.

Trombone Choir delights at Chimes


The Trombone Choir performed its annual "Prelude Serenade" at the IU Auditorium for those visiting the "Chimes of Christmas" program.  As every year, hundreds gathered round and enjoyed the festive offerings, some even singing along on the traditional arrangements.

"Chimes" is always a highlight for the Trombone Choir, and this year concluded a busy semester of four performances for the ensemble.  In recent years Trombone Choir has been an unconducted 12tet with director Carl Lenthe as playing member.

Also - a new Trombone Choir recording has been added to the "Sounds" page.  Al Cobine's arrangement of Jolly Old Saint Nicholas - Up On A Rooftop was recorded last Spring in Auer Hall, as part of an Audio Department project.  Click here to hear it.

TAAF Celebration Concert


Trombone faculty, students and guests assembled on November 3rd in Auer Hall for a concert celebrating the Hall/McGrannahan gift to the Trombone Artistic Activities Fund (TAAF).  The Trombone Choir performed in selections from its semester repertoire as well as accompanying soloist Grady McGrannahan (himself a former Trombone Choir member) and playing under his baton in his arrangement of Amazing Grace, as dedicated to his Grandfather Kenneth Prescott.  Student and faculty quartets performed, Professor Ellefson led a a mass reading ofhis arrangement of Vaughan Williams' Rhosymedre, and a reception followed.

Trombone Area Newsletter launched


As many will know from having received it, a first-ever Trombone Area Newsletter email was sent in late October to over 500 recipients.  The newsletter contained information about our program and events, with links to the related webpages.  The recipient list was compiled from contacts known to be related to and/or interested in our program.  While the 'bounce-backs' from no longer valid addresses were numerous, the 'opt-outs' were very few.

The Newsletter will continue once or twice each semester (we don't have time to flood your inbox!).   To subscribe send an email with the word "Newsletter", "Subscribe" or similar.  We'll take care of it.

Spring Placement auditions


Details for placement auditions for Orchestras and Wind Ensemble can be found here.

Trombone Fortnight-plus!


October 22nd to November 11th will see an abundance of activity in our trombone area.  In chronological order, this extended fortnight includes:

  • Monday, October 22nd, 6:30pm in MA452

IU JSoM Trombones greet Fabio Sampo for his first master class as Visiting Professor.

  • Thursday, October 25th, 7pm in Auer Hall
  • Trombone Choir Concert

    Works by Carmichael, Gabrieli, Grainger, and others

  • Tuesday, October 30th, 8pm in Auer Hall
  • Professor Ellefson co-premieres new David Maslanka Trombone Concerto with JSoM Wind Ensemble,  Stephen Pratt conducting

  • Wednesday, October 31st, 4pm at the Emeriti House
  • Trombone Choir performs for retired IU faculty

  • Friday, November 2nd, 8pm in Auer Hall
  • Faculty Recital, Professors Cord & Lenthe with Kimberly Carballo, piano

    Program includes 1st performance of new Trombone Sonata by David Canfield

  • Saturday, November 3rd, 8pm in Auer Hall
  • Trombone Area Celebration-Recital

    Recognizing the Hall/McGrannahan gift to the TAAF, and featuring Grady McGrannahan, the trombone faculty, Trombone Choir, and select student groups

  • Sunday, November 11th, 2pm in Auer Hall

"Trombone Ornaments - A seasonal celebration"

First performance of Christmas arrangements for pending trombone duo CD,  featuring M. Dee Stewart & Fabio Sampo and including Jay Ware, Luke Gillespie, Marietta Simpson, Bruce Bransby, and Dominic Spera

All events are free and open to the public.  Your attendance is welcome and encouraged!

New Website look launched

Our Website has been redesigned! The old design, which served for five years, was not compatible with the Jacobs School of Music web identity as it has emerged in the past 18 months.  Further, many pages had evolved into a patchwork of updates and addtitions, making it hard to maintain a clear overview.  It is hoped that the new streamlined and unified design will prove helpful in making news, events, information, and further content easily accessible.  In addition to the left side links bar of Website links, a right side links bar of page-topical links has been added to the individual pages.  Another new feature is the search window at the upper right of each page, which will search the trombone website (i.e. all pages beginning with '').  At this writing, the major pages have been changed into the new format.   It is hoped that all pages will be in the new format by semester's begin.

Since its launching in the year 1999, the trombone website has continuously expanded, and established itself as an essential tool and resource not only for our students, but also for the trombone community at large.   We are glad that the Website has apparently resonated "out there", with statistics showing an average 1000+ requests (or “hits”) per day.

Thank you for your visits to our WebPages.  Your feedback is always welcome!

Studio rotation introduced


Professors Stewart, Lenthe & Ellefson are pleased to introduce a new tangent to the trombone studios' curricular experience:  Beginning this school year, students will be able to rotate into the respective other two teachers' studios for a number of lessons each year.  This substantially increases the "cross-nurturing" opportunities for our students, which also include chamber and repertoire coachings, master classes, and the summer semester.

Details and logistics will be announced in lessons and master class.  The trombone faculty value the collegial, collaborative atmosphere that exists and has grown in the trombone department on both the faculty and student levels, and looks forward to theprospects and benefits that this program addition promise.

Stewart on split sabbatical

Stewart needs a break!

Dee Stewart gets a little relief from the routine this year. He will be on a “split sabbatical” from October 15 to March 7.  That is from the middle of the fall semester to the middle of the spring semester.  Now why does he need such a pause in the schedule?  After all, what has he been doing lately that is so exhausting?  Since his last sabbatical, in addition to his regular teaching, all he has accomplished is four CDs, concerts in Italy, annual CAP programs, and a few other odds and ends.  Sounds like just fun and games.

So what is he going to be doing during this break?  Well, he has a 700 page document that has been developing over the last two sabbaticals.  It is a study of the musical thoughts of five other players (Alessi, Conant, Lawrence, Lenthe, and Vaughn).  Now it is time to edit it and be done with it. IU Press may offer some help because that is a project that is well beyond the Stewart scope.

Also in the works is a Christmas CD with Fabio Sampo.  After the issue of their “Con Amore” CD last year, this seemed to be an interesting follow up.  Arrangers are now at work and the recording will be done during the Stewart rest period.

And what happens to his students during this time away?  Fabio Sampo, former student and co-principal trombone of the National Radio Orchestra in Turin, Italy, will join IU trombone faculty Carl Lenthe and Peter Ellefson for that time period.  He will act as a visiting professor and instruct the StewartStudio. 


Major gift made to Trombone Fund

A significant gift has been received into the endowed Trombone Artistic Activities Fund (TAAF) in honor of IU JSoM graduate Graydon McGrannahan (Bass Trombone, BME 2001). Grady went on from IU to earn his MM at Northwestern, continued with Doctoral studies at Florida State University, and is now Assistant Professor of Low Brass/Assistant Director of Bands at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. The gift, donated by his mother, Mrs. Peggy Hall, will help further the stated goals of the TAAF, which are to provide activities designed to promote and enhance the tradition of excellence in trombone pedagogy and performance at the Jacobs School of Music.

Grady McGrannahan

and mother  Peggy Hall,

TAAF contributors

Grady’s time here was special in many regards, and the faculty remember proudly how he made the very most of the many and various opportunities available to him. A member of the Stewart Studio throughout his studies, he participated in the Marching 100 for four years and placed consistently among our top players in the orchestras and Wind Ensemble. He was truly an exemplary student, as his further study and career path have borne out. To commemorate both this and the gift in his honor, an invitation has been extended to both Grady and Mrs. Hall to have them visit campus for recognition and celebration of the generous gift, and also have Grady take part in a master class and recital with the faculty.

The TAAF was founded in the festivities surrounding Professor Stewart’s 70th birthday celebration in October 2005, and is managed by the Indiana University Foundation. For further information on this endowed fund, please contact the Trombone Faculty or Melissa Korzec in the Jacobs School of Music Office of Development ( Tel. 812-855-4656)

Trombone choir on YouTube, new recording uploaded to website

Thanks to members Chris Smith and Chuck Morris, the 3/4/07 concert of the Trombone Choir in the Unitarian Church on Fee Lane has been posted in its entirety to YouTube. Click here to view it.

Also, a new trombone choir recording has been uploaded to the Trombone Choir page. The Allen Chase Passacaglia was in the fall 2006 performance repertoire of the ensemble, and that piece was used for a recording session experience, held in MA452 in April. Ensemble member Frank Perez doubled as recording engineer. You can enjoy the results here.

Trombone Choir auditions

Information about fall Trombone Choir, including auditions and rehearsal/performance schedule can be found on the Trombone Choir page of this WebSite.

Ensemble placement auditions announced

Ensemble placement auditions for orchestras and Wind Ensemble will take place on Monday 8/27/06 beginning at 6:30 pm in MA452. Please sign up in person for the audition in

Sycamore Hall 246

before noon on 8/27. Upon signing up, you will receive your audition time. Further information and repertoire lists are available here.

Information for placement in Symphonic and Concert Bands is available from the department of bands at (812) 855-1372 or

For information about Jazz Band placement, please contact that department through the faculty links found at:


Click here for the 2002-06 News archive

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