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Headline Details 2009-10


Peter Ellefson releases new CD!


Peter Ellefson's CD "Pura Vida" has been released. It was recorded at Indiana University, in Auer Hall at the Jacobs School of Music. The track list, session photos and ordering instructions can be found at

Congrats Pete!!

Trombone Area Website to meld with emerging JSoM Brass Department pages


The Jacobs School of Music will be revamping its Website in the coming weeks, and the new format should include pages for the Brass Department.  With this change, the Trombone Area website will be reduced to archival and portal status, with trombone news, events and information being available via the Brass Department pages. 

Thanks to all who have helped with the website, and to all who have visited.

IU JSoM Trombone Website celebrates 10 years!


Hard to believe, but our trombone web site has been online for ten years already! 

In the summer of 1999, Carl Lenthe enlisted the able help of his student James Monaghan to launch a website "...for information on trombone events, faculty, admissions, and more at the Jacobs School of Music... intended for use by our current and prospective students as well as trombone aficionados and others interested in our program". 

The site has undergone various developmental phases over the semesters.  Another key player was Lenthe's student Matt Calvert, who brought his expertise to the project in the years 2000-2002.  Since that year Lenthe has worked as sole webmaster to keep the web site up to date and informative.  Beginning in 2008, the trombone associate instructor (AI) maintains the 'Calendar' page, which is the most current feature.  All three trombone professors maintain their own web pages, and the "Trombone Area" web site serves as a portal to these more studio specific pages, as well as a resource to JSoM Trombone Area activities and curriculum. 

At one time, the web site contained a message board/chat room page.  While the lively trombone chatter was fascinating, eventually tobacco and pharmaceutical advertisements swamped the system, and the page ad to be taken down. 

Take a moment to glimpse through the News Archive pages.  Thanks to all who have helped with the web site, and especially those whose use of it makes it a dynamic part of our program.

Lenthe featured in popular Rubank Method CDs


From IU News Room release of  October 29th:

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Carl Lenthe, professor of trombone at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, is the featured soloist on two newly released CDs contained in H. Voxman's Concert and Contest Collection, featuring the Rubank Method -- one for trombone and one for baritone horn, both with piano accompaniment.

In addition, Kimberly Carballo, interim head opera coach at the Jacobs School, is one of the featured pianists on the trombone CD.

The original release of this venerable series, published by the Hal Leonard Corporation, featured books of solo pieces with piano accompaniment for various wind instruments and represents the "capstone" of the Rubank Method, which ranges from Elementary through Advanced II difficulties. Hal Leonard recently decided to enhance these collections with a CD-ROM containing professional performances of the pieces as well as piano accompaniment tracks for practice purposes.

The recording took place at Aire Born Recording Studios in Zionsville, Ind.

The Rubank Method books have been in wide use in the United States for decades, and many of the world's greatest musicians grew up using this series.

"Growing up, I practiced my way through the Rubank Method and was therefore glad when the Hal Leonard Corporation chose me to record these recital pieces for both trombone and euphonium," said Lenthe. "The repertoire is of medium technical difficulty, and I feel it is valuable for students to hear them played with advanced musicality and professional polish. Coincidentally, this serves very well as a stepping stone to my solo CD, "The Audition Window/Timeless Trombone Tales", which contains a number of the most standard recital pieces expected at the upper collegiate level. I am pleased that both of these resources can serve our young up-and-coming musicians."

Friends in high places



The Honorable George Hisaeda, Consul General of Japan at Chicago, plays at trombone choir rehearsal, alongside Professor Ellefson.


It is always good to know where the trombone friends are.  The Honorable George Hisaeda,  Consul General of Japan at Chicago, is not only a trombone enthusiast, but also an accomplished trombonist!  Serving the consular needs of the Midwest, he is very adept at keeping music in general and trombone specifically in his sites.  As such, he established contact with Professors Ellefson and Lenthe after assuming his duties in Chicago last year.  In October he was touring the State of Indiana, including a visit to Bloomington on Wednesday, October 7th.  During the first half of his day on campus he met with top IU administrators, but the afternoon was set aside for his musical passions.  After a tour of campus with Professor Lenthe and then a meeting with Dean Richards, the Consul General took part in trombone choir rehearsal, playing alongside Professor Ellefson, who joined in for the occasion.  George's wife Midori, herself an avid violinist, was also present, and enjoyed the Brahms repertoire that the trombone choir played.

Ensemble placement auditions announced

Ensemble placement auditions for orchestras and Wind Ensemble will take place on Monday 1/11/2010 beginning at 6:30 pm in MA452.  Please sign up in person for the audition in Sycamore Hall 246 before noon on 1/11.  Upon signing up, you will receive your audition time.

Further information and repertoire lists are available here.

Information for placement in Symphonic and Concert Bands is available from the department of bands at (812) 855-1372 or

For information about Jazz Band placement, please contact that department through the faculty links found at:

M. Dee Stewart to premiere Arnold Jacobs videos


A fascinating and promising project, begun from seeds sown at an event many years ago, has advanced from the gestation phase, entered the throes of labor and looks forward to a thoroughbred delivery.

In 1984 IU’s Jacobs School of Music hosted the Second International Brass Conference. Over 1300 brass players from around the world attended the event, which filled the Musical Arts Center from June 3rd to 8th.  Professors Philip Farkas (horn), Harvey Phillips (tuba/euphonium), Charles Gorham (trumpet), and M. Dee Stewart (trombone) spent three years preparing for this event.

Arnold Jacobs, Chicago Symphony tubist and pedagogue of international renown, was the honored guest.  He was presented with an award, and during the week there were several events centered on his work.  Professor Stewart, himself a student of Jacobs, recalls, “I was thrilled to have him on campus and arranged for everything that involved him to be professionally videotaped by WTIU.  Nearly nine hours were captured in this manner. Some was edited for production.  Most remained unedited but usable for various observations.  The content is simply amazing and it would be shameful to not present this material to a new generation of musicians.”

2009 marks the 25th anniversary of the event.  Stewart’s passion for this treasure trove of material, interest from faculty in the Voice, Woodwind and Music Education departments, as well trombone doctoral candidate Bryan Heath’s work with this material in the context of his own doctoral project have all led to the project gaining momentum and taking on a format that will make it accessible to current and future students, both at IU and beyond.

Stewart has been revisiting and studying the material, now digitized and comprising seven DVDs, and found them to easily fall into six segments of about one hour each. Zach Glavin, horn student of Professors Seraphinoff and Nelsen, has taken on the technological tasks of editing and formatting, and previews of this work were shown in summer trombone master classes.  The next step is to present the further edited segments in the Monday evening master classes of 9/7, 10/5, and 11/2 (6:30pm in MA452).  These master classes will be for the combined brass department and, interest among further departments having already been expressed, a large attendance is expected. The series will continue in the spring semester.

Professor Stewart who is immensely, and rightfully, proud of this project and all who have contributed to it, hopes that it will take on legs and gallop into its deserving place in the world of music pedagogy.

Stewart to Lenthe to Ellefson


The 'swap weeks' for the fall semester will be 9/21-25 and 11/9-13.  In these weeks, the Stewart studio will be taught by Professor Lenthe, whose studio will be taught by Professor Ellefson, whose studio will be taught by Professor Stewart.  In the spring semester the rotation will go in the other direction.

This is the third year of the studio rotation, a practice that has been enthusiastically greeted by students and faculty alike.

Other 'cross-nurturing' opportunities in the trombone curriculum include master classes, chamber music and orchestra repertoire coachings. 

Two Lenthe solo performances on campus this Fall


Professor Lenthe will be giving two on-campus performances early in the fall semester.  A solo recital with pianist Kimberly Carballo is planned for Sunday 9/13 at 8pm in Auer Hall.  The program will include works by Gershwin, Casterede and Dorsey.  On Tuesday 9/29 at 8pm, again in Auer Hall, Lenthe will perform the Howard J. Buss Trombone Concerto with the Wind Ensemble, Professor Pratt conducting.

Trombone Choir auditions announced


Trombone Choir auditions will be held on Wednesday, 9/2 beginning at 4pm.  Further information is available here.

A concert of Brahms transcriptions is planned for 11/5.  The yearly  Chimes of Chritmas performance will be on 12/9 in the IU Auditorium.

Ensemble placement auditions announced

Ensemble placement auditions for orchestras and Wind Ensemble will take place on Monday 8/31/09 beginning at 6:30 pm in MA452.  Please sign up in person for the audition in Sycamore Hall 246 before noon on 8/31.  Upon signing up, you will receive your audition time.

Further information and repertoire lists are available here.

Information for placement in Symphonic and Concert Bands is available from the department of bands at (812) 855-1372 or

For information about Jazz Band placement, please contact that department through the faculty links found at:

¡Sacabuche! Gets excellent review at Boston Early Music Festival


¡Sacabuche!, the sackbut group led by DM student and adjunct instructor Linda Pearse - and formerly known as the Jordan River Sackbutz, played a concert at the Boston Early Music Festival and received an excellent review from the Boston Musical Intelligencer.  In that "virtual journal and blog of the classical music scene in Boston", Tom Schnauber wrote

"...The possibilities of that sonority were demonstrated with great technical skill and solid musicianship on June 7th at Emmanuel Church in Boston by the ensemble ¡Sacabuche! It was easy to hear why this group, whose members are students and alumni of Indiana University’s Early Music Institute, was invited to the BEMF Fringe Series: consisting of six trombonists, five vocalists—one of whom doubled on cornetto-a violinist, and an organist, the ensemble’s intonation was flawless, its balance excellent, and its overall sound was deliciously full-bodied and smooth."

"...Dario Castello’s virtuosic Quinta Sonata. This delightful little piece featured solo trombonist and leader of the band Linda Pearse tossing phrases back and forth with violinist Martha Perry, whose highly expressive playing made me wish she had been given more to do throughout the concert."

In addition to the original contest submission that resulted in the invitation, Linda and her group were very creative and industrious in raising supplementary funds to make the trip possible.  Our congrats once again the Linda Pearse and ¡Sacabuche!.  Go here to read the entire review.




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