Masterclass Handout
A song in your heart

Have you ever tried to make a list of all the songs that come to mind? You should try it sometime. Just think of the categories you can explore: Folk songs, patriotic songs, art songs (Lieder), Broadway/Hollywood tunes, jazz standards, religious songs and hymns, Christmas carols, silly songs, spirituals, campfire songs, popular hits, and on and on.

In many of these categories you should easily come up with a dozen or more songs. You don’t have to know all of the words or even know the melody perfectly – you’ll get to that later – just write them down.

I once made a new year’s resolution to learn a song a day for an entire year.

Well, I failed miserably according to the letter of the resolution. But – I did learn at least 50 songs that year! I still think that is pretty good – and these are songs that I carry with me to this day. I have also spent the years since adding to this repertoire of songs. If you start applying these ideas today, in no time at all you will have a treasury of songs and tunes – indeed you will be able to say that you have a song in your heart.

And that – dear friends – goes beyond the essence of musicianship and spills over into real life!