The Turkish Student Association (TSA) is a student organization at Indiana University, Bloomington for those who share an interest in Turkish culture, language, cuisine, etc. TSA tends to have anywhere between one hundred and two hundred members at a time. Our primary goals as a student organization are to serve as a bridge between the greater student body and Turkish students; to introduce Turkey and Turkish culture to the American public; to help Turkish students in their transition to America and American life; and to provide a forum for the benefit, be it professional or social, of the Turkish community in Bloomington.


Current Executive Board:


Aybike Şeyma Tezel

PhD Student in Central Eurasian Studies


Vice President:

Şafak Kılıçtepe

PhD Student in Anthropology


Social Events Coordinator:  
Secretary: Mirshad Galip

Yılmaz Köylü in Second Language Studies

PhD Student


Serdar Abacı

PhD Student in Instructional Systems Technology





Previous Board Members

Executive Board (2013-2014)

President: Fatih Ergulec,PhD Student
Vice President:Keely Bakken, MPA/MA Student
Secretary: Serhat Erumit, PhD Student
Treasurer: Yasin Aslan, PhD Student

Executive Board (2012-2013)

President: Inci Aksu Kargin,PhD Student
Vice President: Adnan Ozsoy, PhD Student, aozsoy(at)indiana.edu
Secretary: Yilmaz Koylu, PhD Student
Treasurer: Sabri Dogan, MS Student

Executive Board (2011-2012)

President: Doga Tuncay, MS Student, dtuncay@indiana.edu
Vice President: Huseyin Cagri Corlu, MS Student, hcorlu@indiana.edu
Secretary: Mehmet Kokum, MS Student, mkokum@indiana.edu
Treasurer: Ozgur Ozdemir, MS Student, oozdemir@indiana.edu
Cultural Chair: Safak Kilictepe, PHD Student, safkilic@indiana.edu

Executive Board (2010-2011)

President: Olgun Sadik, MS Student, olsadik(at)indiana.edu
Vice President: Atilla Gumus, MPA Student, agumus(at)indiana.edu
Secretary: Zeynep Bozdogan, MS Student, zelbasan(at)indiana.edu
Treasurer: Yahya Han Erbas, MS Student, yerbas(at)indiana.edu

Executive Board (2009-2010)

President: Cagri Yildirim, MS Student , yildiric@indiana.edu
Vice President:Emel Gencer, MS Student, egencer@indiana.edu
Secretary:Sinem Karabacak, PhD Student, sinekara@indiana.edu
Treasurer:Ayten Gurzaliyeva, Undergraduate Student, agurzali@indiana.edu
Cultural Chair:Cetin Kursat Bilir, PhD Student, cebilir@indiana.edu

Executive Board (2008-2009)

President: Mehmet Akif Demircioglu, MPA Student, mdemirci@indiana.edu
Vice President:Kerem Cakirer, Assistant Professor, kcakirer@indiana.edu
Secretary:Gulnur Odabasi, gulnurodabasi@gmail.com
Treasurer:Mustafa Koca, MPA Student, mkoca@indiana.edu

Executive Board (2007-2008)

President:Serdar Abaci, PhD Student, sabaci@indiana.edu
Vice President: Feriha Perekli, PhD Student, fperekli@indiana.edu
Secretary:Ercan Alkan, PhD Student, ealkan@indiana.edu
Treasurer:Kutbettin Kilic, PhD Student, kkilic@indiana.edu

Executive Board (2006-2007)

President: Suncem Kocer, PhD Student, skocer@indiana.edu
Vice President: Rosa Trainham, MA Student, rtrainha@indiana.edu
Secretary: Serdar Altok, PhD Student, saltok@indiana.edu
Treasurer:Donny Smith, MA Student, doksmith@indiana.edu
Officer:Alper Bircan, MA Student, abircan@indiana.edu

Executive Board (2005-2006)

President: Isik Kuscu, PhD Student, ikuscu@indiana.edu
Vice President:Firat Soylu, PhD Student, fsoylu@indiana.edu
Secretary: Abbas Karakaya, PhD Student, akarakay@indiana.edu
Treasurer:Muzaffer Ozakca, PhD Student, mozakca@indiana.edu

Executive Board (2004-2005)

President: Zehra Ilgen
Vice President: Gulden Ayboga
Secretary: Nalan Ayvazoglu

Executive Board (2003-2004)

President: Emir Kaya, Kemal Yurttas
Vice President: Ibrahim Yilmaz
Treasurer:Onur Tatliadim

Executive Board (2002-2003)

President: Mehmet Ata Ozturk
Vice President: Cevat Ikibas
Secretary: Ali Kaplan
Treasurer:Mehmet Caglar Yavuz

Executive Board (2001-2002)

President: Ekrem Ozer
Vice President: Ece Aksuyek
Secretary: Bilal Erdogan
Treasurer:Sanay Sarapli

Executive Board (2000-2001)

President: Arif Yilmaz
Vice President: Sibel Tatar
Secretary: Ayfer Kapusuz
Treasurer:Abdullah Duvenci

Executive Board (1999-2000)

President:Mehmet Buldu
Vice President:Mete Yildiz
Secretary:Zeynep Alat
Treasurer:Mete Yildiz

Executive Board (1998-1999)

President: Erdinc Cakiroglu
Vice President:Bahadir Onalan
Secretary: Soner Eker
Treasurer:Burcu Serra Bakioglu

Executive Board (1997-1998)

President: Yilmaz Bingol
Vice President:Cengiz Savas Askun
Treasurer:Tuba Fatma Akbayturk

Executive Board (1996-1998)

President: Halim Kara
Vice President:Can Besim
Treasurer:Yeliz Kasapoglu

Executive Board (1995-1996)

President: Filiz Cicek
Treasurer:Hande Birkalan

Executive Board (1994-1995)

President: M. Esen Tuna
Vice President:Hande Birkalan
Treasurer:Murat Duman

Executive Board (1993-1994)

President: M. Esen Tuna
Vice President:Suzan Ozel
Treasurer:Serdar Oguz

Executive Board (1992-1993)

President: M. Esen Tuna
Vice President:Suzan Ozel
Treasurer:Osman Nidai Ozes

Executive Board (1991-1992)

President:Mustafa Dogan

Executive Board (1990-1991)

President: M. Esen Tuna

Executive Board (1989-1990)

President: Suzan Ozel
Vice President:Ayse Sezerman
Treasurer:Fitnat Yildiz

Executive Board (1988-1989)

President: Suha Oguzertem
Treasurer:Birhan Sener

Executive Board (1987-1988)

President:Suha Oguzertem
Vice President:Yasemin Oguzertem



The Turkish Student Association at Indiana University, Bloomington is a nonpolitical, social support organization. Association's primary objectives are:

--> To promote fellowship among Turkish students, scholars, their families and any interested person living in Bloomington, regardless of race, sex, ethnic group, political affiliation, citizenship, faith, or sexual preference;

--> To represent Turkey and its culture;

--> To help new students and scholars adjust to the local environment.


The name of this student association is the Turkish Student Association (TSA) at Indiana University, Bloomington.

ARTICLE II : Membership

This association is open to all persons who have an interest in Turkey and its culture; to those persons who wish to share in promoting friendship among the members and the rest of Indiana University-- Bloomington community.

There is no limitation to the size of our membership numbers. This is as long as the majority of active members are connected with Indiana University in some way --- student, faculty, or staff.

There are two kinds of members - voting members and nonvoting members. Only the members who pay their dues before the election call are called Voting Members and can vote in all elections and meetings and be candidate for Executive Committee in the elections. Other members are called Nonvoting Members.

Dues will be determined and assessed at the beginning of each academic year by the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE III: Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the following officers: President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive Committee may include additional members to be present in the committee as the need dictates.

The selection process is as follows:

1. All officers are selected by a majority vote, that is one vote more than the half of the total number of members present at election meeting. The election meeting will be called by the Executive Committee the Friday following the Spring Break. The candidates should be nominated no later than Wednesday preceding the election day.

2. All officers serve one academic year starting on the first day of the first Summer Session. The officers may be reelected for two successive years.

3. Office vacancy may be filled by a designated member of the TSA, nominated by the Executive Committee. The designated appointee would serve in the vacant office during the rest of the academic year. Exception to this, the office of president should be filled by the vice-president

4. Amendments may be submitted and voted via e-mail.

ARTICLE IV : Duties of officers

President: will assume the position of a chairperson.

Vice-president: will assist the president in her/his duties.

Secretary: will keep a directory of the TSA and will be responsible for all publicity of the association.

Treasurer: will be responsible for all financial transactions and the collection of dues. The treasurer shall give a report at the annual regular meeting.

ARTICLE V : Meetings

Three regular mass meetings will be called by the Executive Committee. These meetings will be scheduled as follows:

1. First meeting: First Friday of Fall Semester

2.Second meeting: No less than one month before the annual Turkish Coffee Hour, depending on its date.

3.Election meeting (see Article III )

Beside these regular meetings, additional meetings may be called at anytime by Executive Committee.

The agenda of these meetings will be announced in advance by the respective Executive Committee.

ARTICLE VI : Amendments

This Constitution may be amended by a two-third affirmative vote of those members present at meeting. This amendment shall be proposed by at least one forth of members and shall be submitted to the Executive Committee two weeks prior to next regular meeting. The proposal of amendment shall be announced to all members as a part of the agenda.

ARTICLE VII: Faculty Advisor

The Faculty Advisor will be determined by the Executive Committee and will be on duty for one academic year.

The Faculty Advisor is encouraged to participate in all meetings of the TSA.

ARTICLE VIII : Ratification

This Constitution and its eight articles are ratified by twenty members present at a meeting called for on January 16, 1998. The meeting is called by the signers of this Constitution who will also be presenting it to the TSA.