Indiana University Bloomington Turnitin Request Form

Use the form below to request a Turnitin account at Indiana University Bloomington. If you are located on another campus, please see the list of the other Turnitin administrators.

Alternatively, you can upload and check papers yourself via Canvas.


  1. Turnitin is available in the Assignments tools in Oncourse and Canvas by default. You do not need to request an account if you plan to use Turnitin through Oncourse or Canvas.

  2. First-time users of Turnitin in Oncourse may receive this error when activating Turnitin in the Assignments tool: "The Assignment was saved; however, we were unable to save the Turnitin settings." oncourse error
    When this happens, click on Edit under the assignment title again and reclick on the checkbox to enable the Turnitin settings. This allows you to enable the Turnitin settings on this second attempt.

  3. If you have questions, please contact the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning at 812-855-9023 or email

Request Form

Please supply the information requested to obtain a Turnitin account.

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Have you ever held a previous Turnitin account, even if temporarily?

Please note that you do not need to reapply for an account if you have had one at IUB in the past. If you need a new password to access the account, please click on "Retrieve password" in the login area for


Requester Information

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Please contact the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning with any questions.

You can ask for Madeleine Gonin or Cordah Robinson when calling 812-855-9023 or send email to

Last updated: 10 March 2015
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