IU Bloomington Facility Operations

The mission of the IU Bloomington Facility Operations is to operate and maintain a high-quality physical environment to enhance student learning, faculty teaching, and research. This includes building services, building maintenance, campus utilities, and grounds maintenance for the entire campus.

Support Resources

It is the responsibility of the Vice President for Capital Planning and Facilities and its Support Resources - Capital Finance office to ensure that IU resources dedicated to capital projects are effectively managed. We manage contract processing, project bid processing, payment processing, and budget support.

University Landscape Architecture

Planning, designing, and maintaining IU’s outdoor spaces are the responsibilities of University Landscape Architecture. This unit works closely with the University Architect’s Office as well as the IU Bloomington Physical Plant and works on projects on all campuses.

University Real Estate

To accommodate space needs, IU regularly acquires (either through purchase or rental agreements) real estate on or near each campus through University Real Estate. This department is also responsible for leasing IU-owned residential properties to faculty, staff, and students.

Space Planning

The Office of Space Planning has been developed with a twofold mission of providing strategic and thoughtful planning as well as providing the efficient management and utilization of both current and prospective property and facilities. The office has primary responsibility for the inventory, utilization, modification, and evaluation of academic and administrative facilities on our campuses and at off-campus facilities owned or leased by the university. We also establish campus space policies and guidelines and monitor space utilization with the goal of ensuring that space is managed strategically, thoughtfully, and with broader institutional needs in mind.

Campus-Specific Services


The Office of Sustainability serves as a liaison and partner to academic departments, administrative offices, and operational units to develop a more sustainable campus for IU faculty, staff, and students.

Information & Technology

Our Information & Technology team provides a dependable technology environment for the departments of the Office of the Vice President for Capital Planning and Facilities, and other departments in other units, including departments of IU’s chief financial officer, and the departments of the Office of the Vice President for Regional Affairs, Planning, and Policy.

Facility Partners