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Title:      Neurosciences Research Building


The Neurosciences Research Building will be the IU School of Medicine's part of the partnership between the IU School of Medicine and Clarian Health to create a unique national model for collaborative, transdisciplinary patient care, research, and education for neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders. The partnership is composed of two proposed buildings fostering the critical links between superb clinical services and advanced research on disorders of the nervous system.

Development of the Neurosciences Research Building will be on the same site as the proposed Clarian Neuroscience Center of Excellence building which will house the offices and outpatient care and research activities of clinical faculty in the psychiatry, neurology, and neurosurgery departments at the School of Medicine. This synergy will insure that opportunities for translation of research discoveries to patient care will be both identified and fostered. This location near the Methodist Hospital campus will capitalize on synergies that are developing in that location. The northern terminus of the Clarian People Mover connecting Methodist Hospital, and the School of Medicine's Health Information and Translational Sciences Building and Clarian's Pathology Building and Fairbanks Hall on the canal with the IUPUI campus is located adjacent to this site for easy access to the medical campus. The synergies created by this confluence of laboratory, hospital, and medical staff buildings make this a premium location for the IU School of Medicine's Neurosciences Research Building.

The IU School of Medicine Neuroscience Research Building would bring together current research faculty, newly recruited investigators, and practicing clinicians in a novel organizational structure to achieve both excellence and efficiency in transdisciplinary and translational (bench to bedside and back) research. Rather than assignment of research space to traditional departmental units, the school has formed interdisciplinary teams of researchers with broad expertise and a disease oriented focus.

Research space is planned for aiding the transition of discoveries by our researchers into licensable intellectual property for new therapies and devices for patients with severe neurological disorders. This project will serve as a transformative example of the integration of state of the art diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative care through advanced research and training programs.

PowerPoint from 12-09-2010 Neuroscience Research-Trustees Meeting