Lunch with Carrol Krause

All University Club members and their guests are welcome!

Date:  Wednesday, October, 24th
Time:  11:45 am - 1:00 pm

Location:  Presidents' Room

Cost:  Members: $15
Non-Members: $17

Reservations are required by Friday Noon, October 19th!

This program was planned for you by the Luncheon Club

Featured Speaker is Carrol Krause
"Making Bloomington Modern: The Showers Family Legacy."

Carrol Krause

Topic:"Making Bloomington Modern: The Showers Family Legacy."

Author of: Showers Brothers Furniture Company: The Shared Fortunes of a Family, a City, and a University

Publication Date: May 22, 2012
When the Showers family arrived in Bloomington, Indiana, the railroad had only recently come to town and a modest university was struggling to survive. Having spent the prior 18 years moving from place to place, the family decided to settle down and invest its modest resources to start a furniture company. The business proved to be extremely profitable and a stroke of good fortune for the small community. The company's success strengthened Bloomington's infrastructure, helping to develop new neighborhoods, and the philanthropic acts of the Showers family supported the town's continued development. The family's contributions helped Indiana University through difficult times and paved the way to its becoming the largest university in the state. In this detailed history of Showers Brothers, Carrol Krause tells the story of a remarkably successful collaboration between business, town, and gown.

Carrol tells about herself:

My name is Carrol Krause. I've been a homes journalist since 2003, writing a weekly newspaper column that focuses on local houses, gardens, craftspeople and architects. I'm very interested in historic preservation, green building, and clever retrofits that extend the life and usability of structures. I don't find luxury finishes particularly appealing as an end in themselves, but I am interested in unique and individual living environments that let us obtain a glimpse of the personality of the owners.

I'm also an avid reader, tending more toward non-fiction in general and preferring classic literature. Biographies in particular fascinate me, along with journals. I enjoy Pepys' diaries, but Boswell is my favorite. I've kept a daily journal for nearly forty years. When nothing memorable or exciting happens to write about on a given day, I try to write instead about a thought I've had, or an emotion.

So this blog will be mostly about houses and books, but also things and thoughts.

Just out of curiosity, I invite viewers to describe their feelings about houses and/or books below. What first made you look at houses in a new or different way? What is or was your favorite book, and why?


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