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The History of the University Club

The University Club, which was organized on April 14, 1959, is located on two floors of the Indiana Memorial Union. The main entrance is just across the hall from the Whittenberger Auditorium.

One of the oldest organizations on the Bloomington campus, the University Club is for all faculty, staff, alumni, and interested community members. Our members share a common bond: Indiana University. Friendships formed at the Club help foster connections across departmental lines; our social, cultural, and recreational activities add to the texture of University life.The Club's comfortable,welcoming facilities offer spaces for both large and small social gatherings, and quiet places to read or write.


A tradition, an organization, a schedule of activities, a facility

As one reads the archival records of this Club it is apparent that the roots of the Club reach back to its hard-working ancestors, the Constituent Clubs. The first of those, the Men's Faculty Club, was founded in 1912 with James Woodburn, Professor of History, as chairman. The Men's Faculty Club tradition has been carried on from the days when the Indiana Memorial Union was a men's union, through various moves and changes, always ensuring the special combination of social, leisure, and recreational amenities associated with its organization. The Men's Faculty Club also purchased the beautiful and valuable T.C. Steele painting which hangs in the Presidents' Room.

On May 22, 1913, a garden party was held at the home of Mrs. C. H Eigenmann and there the Faculty Women's Club, a social organization of University women faculty and faculty wives, was voted into existence. This Club, later to become known as the University Women's Club, became a strong group sharing in civic activities, interest groups and stimulating social and intellectual events.

When the Men's Faculty Club took up quarters in 1932 in the men's Union, the Faculty Women formed their own group with a social format. That group expanded into the Women's Faculty and Professional Staff Club, the only University organization devoted exclusively to women faculty and professional staff. Social and informational programs were scheduled throughout the year.

With these three Clubs as a foundation and under the inventive guidance of Dr. Herman B Wells, the University Club was formed in 1959 as an umbrella organization. The Constituent Clubs still maintain their own identities within the overall organization and each receives a separate allotment from the University Club budget.

Today the Club's basic objective as an organization is to foster collegiality among members of the campus community, to be a central focus for interchange and understanding among faculty, staff, and alumni, their spouses, retirees, and members of the community.

The Club is administered by an elected Board of Directors. Its only salaried employee is a Club manager, who keeps office hours in the Clubroom, schedules rooms, and coordinates the activities of the Club and its constituent organizations.

The programming provided by the Constituent Clubs along with that of the Board of Directors offers members a wide range of social and intellectual interaction through tours, lectures, musical events, dinners and luncheons, interest groups, etc.

As a facility, the Clubrooms occupy parts of two floors of the Memorial Union. The Club is privately incorporated and is not a part of the University's organization. This gives members the privilege of providing their own refreshments for guests. Alcohol, for legal reasons, is provided by IMU catering. Rooms are commodious and inviting and may be reserved by members at nominal fees for departmental receptions, colloquiums, dinners, etc., or for private, personal use. In addition, reading rooms, library, and a pool room are available without charge.

Members are offered personal keys to Clubrooms and discounted parking in the Memorial Union lots. The Club pays a nominal rent to the Memorial Union for the space it occupies. Income is generated through rental of the main rooms and payment of dues.

Membership is open to faculty, staff, and community residents who share the Club's social and intellectual interests. Members are the essential ingredient in our Club's existence, the diverse mix of persons who give our programming and facilities a heart and soul. Member participation does make a difference and we strive to continue the fine tradition that is the legacy of the University Club.

University Club of Indiana University
Indiana Memorial Union Room 150
900 E. Seventh St.
Bloomington, IN 47405

Phone:   812.855.1325 • Fax: 812.856.4283
Email:  uclub@indiana.eduwebmaster

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