University Club Scholarship Program

UClub - Scholarship Presentations Luncheon - Jessie Wang, Hank Walter and Susan Platter

Scholarship presentations with IMU Executive Director Hank Walter and University Club Scholarship Chair, Susan Platter.

UClub Scholarship recipients were:
Taylor Busse – IMU Tudor Room
Jessie Wang – Catering (pictured)
Nick Dye – Bowling and Billiards

University Club 2018 Scholarship Recipients

Meet the recipients who received the University Club Scholarships:

UClub - 2018 Scholarship Recipients - Taylor BusseTaylor Busse
Nutrition Science
Senior, graduating May 2019

My plans after college are unknown currently. I would like to get into research & development for upcoming food products. I have worked in three separate departments at the union since my freshman year. I started at Starbucks for a year, then moved to catering for the next two years and now going into my senior year I have a culinary internship here.

I love the union because it is the heart of campus. So many events go on here that everyone has a special memory associated.

Receiving a scholarship from the union displays an award to both my forms of hard work. I put in at least 20 hours a week at work to pay for the hard work I do at school. This can make fitting everything in a challenge, but when I am recognized for it by foundations such as the University Club, it makes it all worth it. Thank you so much for all your help and the honor of being a scholarship recipient.

UClub - 2018 Scholarship Recipients - Jessie WangJessie Wang

I am currently a SPEA student and my major is Law and Public Policy. It might change in the future. I am planning on either switching to Environmental Management or create my own major, Gastronomy.

I officially started IU at Fall 2017. I was taking classes at Ivy tech during the summer of 2017. My plan is to graduate by 2022. However, due to working full-time and/or consider getting a Master’s degree. It might delay me a year or two.

My initial plan is to become an immigration and GLBTQ+ rights lawyer. However, my future is constantly changing and uncertain due to political climate and personal interest. I’m taking a day by day approach and fight to see what I can do to make it change. On a lighter note, I would really like to travel outside the states and see what the world is like after IU.

I work in the Catering department for almost two years.

Receiving this scholarship relieves my financial stress from tuition and it is also a recognition that there are people out there who see talent and are willing to help and support minority groups like me.

This is my first official job after obtaining DACA. It opened many doors for me – it allowed me to go back to school, earn a stable income, have health insurance, retirement account, work and life balance, and many more. I learned how to interact with people in professional and private settings, as well as learning leadership and time management skills.

UClub - 2018 Scholarship Recipients - Nick DyeNick Dye

3/2 MBA in Accounting

Year in school:
Senior/First Year Graduate Student

When will you graduate?
MBA in 2020

What are your plans after IU?
Public Accounting

Where do you work in the IMU?
IMU Bowling & Billiard

For how long?
Over 3 years

Why is working at the IMU special to you?
I grew up around this building.

What does receiving this scholarship mean to you?
Less student loans and more chik fil a!



Compared to some other Big Ten Clubs we are a relative newcomer to raising funds for scholarships. However, once established by the University Club Board of Officers in 2003, we’ve made tremendous progress. For several years now we have be able to award $1,500 scholarships to three outstanding students who work at the IMU. Funds are generously donated by members of the University Club; the Indiana University Foundation handles the funds. Due to your continued support the fund currently has over $43,000 in the endowment!

Ruth Albright, Member of the Scholarship Committee, presented three $1,500 scholarships to students Kirsten Hawley, Lucas Corley and Michaele Ullrich at our Annual Membership Meeting on April 25, 2016, furthering our efforts to foster collegiality among our members and the campus. To be eligible, students must plan to return to campus for future study, must take a minimum of 12 hours of academic work, have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5, work in the Indiana Memorial Union, and have exemplary work records.

Along with Scholarship Chair Suzanne Phillips, the entire University Club Board of Directors would like to thank everyone who donated to the 2015 – 2016 scholarship fund. We are proud of our club and the tremendous support of our members in this very worthwhile effort. Please join us in reaching out to the most important segment of our IU community, our students. Thank you again for your generosity.

To Donate

Members can safely and securely give to the fund by clicking the “Give Now” button below. The link will take you to a secure IU Foundation site where you can make your tax-deductible donation using your credit card. Or you can print the Scholarship Contribution Form below and mail it to the University Club. Did you know that you can honor a friend, club member, or spouse with your donation? Just be sure to complete the contribution form in the correct area when you send the donation with your check made payable to the IU Foundation.


docicon_small 2018 UClub Reply Card

docicon_small 2018 UClub Appeal Letter

Thank you!


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