First Steps

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Completing Your Standard Academic Planning Worksheet (APW)

How do I complete the APW?

If you have moved through the first three of the “First Steps” on this web site, you are well prepared to complete your APW.

   In Prepare for Orientation Advising you learned what your orientation advising conference will be like and how to prepare for your meeting with an advisor.

   In Explore Majors, Minors & Certificates you reviewed all the majors offered at Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) and investigated specific majors and first courses of interest.

   In Choose Your Courses you linked to course lists and descriptions and chose courses that count for IUB General Education (Gen Ed) requirements.

If you missed any or all of these steps, please return to them now before completing your APW.  Your New Student Orientation (NSO) advisor will expect that you have “done your homework” and will be ready to work with you to have a productive first advising session and a strong first semester enrollment—if you come prepared!

I’ve reviewed all the previous steps, what next?

The APW contains detailed instructions for completion.  On the front, you will list all prior college credit, programs or majors of interest, and questions for your orientation advisor.

The APW  is a good place to note whether you require accommodations.  Your advisor will use this information when making course recommendations. You should also contact the IU Office of Disability Services for Students (DSS) and request your accommodations as soon as possible. To request accommodations, visit , e-mail or or call (812) 855-7578 during office hours.  

On the back, list courses that interest you.  Courses of interest can fulfill IUB Gen Ed requirements; while allowing you to, explore majors that sound appealing; and make progress toward the programs or majors that will be the best fit for you. Reading course descriptions will assist you with choosing courses for your APW. It’s the wise and successful student who chooses them carefully!

The first four sections on the back of the APW provide space to list four to six courses from each of the following IUB Gen Ed categories:

Regardless of majors, career plans or personal goals, IUB Gen Ed requirements must be fulfilled by all undergraduate students.

The final section of your APW provides space to list additional courses, including courses that fulfill requirements for majors you’re interested in, additional IUB Gen Ed courses of interest and elective courses.

Be open to lots of possibilities!  Include every course that might help you make a great start in your first semester at IUB.