First Steps

Students walking on steps at Wells Library

Why pursue a bachelor’s degree at IUB?

Many new students begin their university studies without knowing why they are pursuing a bachelor’s degree and the purpose of that degree. Most students are aware that a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for many fields of study or employment and work diligently to be admitted to higher education institutions. The question of WHY a bachelor’s degree is important is not as apparent (or as easily understood).

Employers and graduate programs repeatedly mention competencies they are looking for that are sometimes lacking in their applicants.  These competencies include: written and verbal communication skills, critical thinking skills, ability to work in teams, global understanding, etc. Indiana University Bloomington provides students with an opportunity to develop these competencies, and many more, in the context of a liberal education. You will do more than study technical skills necessary to be trained for a specific job. Through exposure to many different kinds of subject matter, you will develop the skills that are adaptable to a wide range of professions and graduate programs.

In fact, the IUB General Education  requirements were implemented on our campus to ensure that every IUB student develops various skills and is prepared for whatever the future holds.