First Steps

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Step 1: Prepare for Orientation Advising

Important Orientation Information for Transfer Students

Am I required to attend an orientation program at Indiana University Bloomington (IUB)?

Yes.  You will receive information about orientation options from the Office of First Year Experience Programs.

When can I register for classes?

An individual advising conference and registration session will be scheduled for you as part of your orientation program.

There is an Advising Hold on my student record.  How do I get it removed?

The Advising Hold on your student record will be removed following your advising conference at orientation.   Until this hold is removed, you will be unable to register for classes.

How should I prepare for orientation?

In addition to your completed Transfer Academic Planning Worksheet TAPW), you must bring to your advising appointment a transcript or a list of courses you have taken at your previous schools.  These materials are necessary to help you and your orientation advisor determine any progress you have made toward IUB General Education requirements and courses required for your intended major.

If your transcript has not yet been evaluated by the Admissions Office, your advisor will work with you, from the list or transcript you bring, to help you identify which courses might still be needed.

List any questions you have on your TAPW and discuss them with your orientation advisor.

A special note for transfer students about preparing for orientation: The next steps in this web site are designed to help both transfer students and new freshmen prepare for their orientation advising appointment and for first semester enrollment.  As a transfer student, you will need to make careful judgments about how this information is relevant to your situation.

For example, if you have a definite major intention and significant previous college work toward that major, you may find that Step 2, Explore Majors, Minors & Certificates, is less relevant to your needs.

However, in Step 4, Complete Your Academic Planning Worksheet, you will find links to more specific and in-depth planning tools that may be just what you need to plan your next steps toward a degree at IUB.

Your orientation advisor will expect you to have reviewed these materials and made use of those that are most helpful as you plan and prepare for the first semester by completing TAPW.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions for Transfer Students:

Can I transfer into any major available at IUB?

How do I know if the credits/classes I’ve already taken will transfer to IUB?

What do I need to do to transfer credits/classes to IUB?

Will all the credits I earned at other institutions transfer to IUB?

Will my transferred credits/classes complete IUB degree requirements?

Will grades earned at other institutions impact my IU GPA?

How will I know that my credits have been transferred?

How long will it take me to finish my degree at IUB?

Is there any way I can view my progress to date toward the IUB degree I intend to earn? 

Do I have to take a Mathematics course at IUB?

What if I cannot get the classes I want/need this semester?