First Steps

Students walking on steps at Wells Library

What is University Division? Why do I start here?

Once you’ve completed your New Student Orientation program, you are assigned to a professional University Division (UD) academic advisor with a comprehensive knowledge of essential major and degree requirements for all of the schools at IUB. Your advisor is uniquely qualified to help you make the transition to college life and work, and will connect you to the many campus services that support your success.

UD advisors will work with you throughout your first semester, first year or possibly longer to ensure your success by getting to know you, answering your questions, and helping you find the most efficient path toward a major and a degree.  If you live in campus housing, your advisor will have an office in or near your residence hall.

Please read Our UD Mission Statement if you wish to know more about University Division advisors’ commitment to working in partnership with students to help them develop their academic plans.