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Law Day for 2015 will be on Thursday, October 8!

Stay tuned to this site for the latest information as it becomes available.  If you are a current IUB student, be sure you have registered for the prelaw listserv (sign up at the "Email Lists" section of the HPPLC homepage) to receive notices ASAP about this and all other prelaw events on campus.

What follows is information about the 2014 festivities:


124 Law Schools, I-CLEO, Admission Deans' Panel Discussion, and (for the first time) a Mock Admission Committee Meeting conducted by actual admissions representatives!


What is Law Day?

[Photo from Law Day.]

It is the most important day of the year for prelaw students at IUB. If you are seriously considering law school, attendance at both events listed below should be considered MANDATORY. Freshmen through alumni are urged to attend! All events are FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.  A incredible 120 schools have registered (a new record for IU as well as for any university in the country!) making IUB Law Day the largest University Law Fair in the country for the 10th year in a row! 

This is a truly unique opportunity that most college students simply do not have.  BE SURE to take advantage of it.  [**Prelaw Advisors--we'll PAY YOU to attend!  See the note for MAPLA's automatic travel subsidy for you and your students at the bottom of this page.]

For a LIST OF SCHOOLS click HERE.   

For TIPS on how to make effective use of your time during Law Day, click HERE.

We welcome students and Prelaw Advisors from any institution*, as well as ALL members of the public. All events are FREE.

The festivities will take place at the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU). Driving directions are available HERE .   Parking discount coupons will be available at the Fair.

For a map of the Union, CLICK HERE.   Alumni Hall and the Whittenberger Auditorium are both on the first floor of the Union. 

The Union's GPS address is: 900 East 7th Street, Bloomington, IN 47405.

Event #1 - IU Law School Fair - The Nation's Largest Again Last Year!!

What 123+ (out of 203) Law Schools are registered to attend! The law representatives are here to recruit YOU. Click HERE for a list of schools. 
When Thursday, October 8, 2015, from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.  FREE and open to the public.  No pre-registration.  Please drop by!!
Where Alumni Hall -- on the first floor of the Indiana Memorial Union.  Click HERE for a map of the Union.
Why The Law School Fair puts the student and school together. Representatives (who can influence admission decisions at their schools) are eager to speak one-on-one with students about their specific situations--from LSAT to grades to specialties to personal statement to financial aid needs. Pick up material, souvenirs, information. Expand your horizons and discover great schools that you may not yet know anything about. Learn first-hand that law schools are truly interested in more than just an LSAT score and GPA! Students typically leave the Fair encouraged and optimistic. Don't know what to ask? Download our handout, [PDF File]Questions to Ask Law Schools

Event #2 - Panel Discussion and Q & A Session  [for a video of last year's panel, click HERE]

What A panel of Law School Admission Deans: Janet Hein of IUB's Maurer School of Law, the incredibly popular Collins Byrd of Iowa, and the amazing Pamela Bloomquist of Loyola Chicago reveal: "What ACTUALLY WORKS  in a Law School Application!" They will discuss applicants' common mistakes, what works, what they find annoying, etc. Discover what NOT to put in a personal statement.  They will offer unique, practical insights into the admission process that will be invaluable for students.  Find out how admission decisions are ACTUALLY made!  This event is as ENTERTAINING as it is INFORMATIVE! 
When Thursday, October 8, 2015, 9:00 thru 10:45 a.m. (quiet latecomers always welcome--and if you have to leave early that's fine, too.)
Where Whittenberger Auditorium, first floor of the Indiana Memorial Union.
Why Very entertaining; extremely informative.  Get a unique, honest, insider's perspective on all the major issues.  This information not available in stores!
How Arrive early to get a good seat--but quiet latecomers are always welcome, and it's fine to leave early.

Event # - Mock Admission Committee Meeting--conducted by actual admission officials from 3 law schools.


This is a unique, incredibly valuable opportunity to replicate a real Admissions Committee Meeting, to strip bare all of the mystery surrounding the admissions process.  Find out what is actually valued, what doesn’t matter, and what may be downright annoying.


Students will be “deputized” as faculty Committee members, and review ACTUAL APPLICANT FILES, as those files would be considered by the Admissions Committee.


Representatives from three law schools will present the files as they would in an actual Admissions Committee Meeting.  At the conclusion of the Meeting one offer of admission is determined by the “Committee” (i.e., by a vote of the students).


This program is designed to cover all elements of the admissions process through a participatory and engaging (often rousing!) exercise.


This presentation will help you take away “inside” information that will be helpful to you in applying to any law school.


**This type of presentation is one of the most valuable you will ever attend.  Be there—your competition will!

When Thursday, October 8, 2015, 3:15 to 5:00 PM (quiet latecomers always welcome--and if you have to leave early that's fine, too.)
Where Dogwood Room, Tree Suites, Indiana Memorial Union.

This type of presentation is one of the most valuable you will ever attend.  Be there—your competition will!

How Arrive early to get a good seat--but quiet latecomers are always welcome, and it's fine to leave early.

Why Attend Law Day?

The Law School Admission Council estimates that there are about 4,000 students at IUB, from over 53 majors, who are potentially interested in going to law school. IU's Law Day is the most important event for these students. Organized by the Health Professions and Prelaw Center (HPPLC), it has been the nation's largest university Law Fair for the past nine years. Competition for admission to law school remains extreme. Attendance at Law Day events can give students a competitive edge.

With over 200 law schools in the country, we will host representatives from well over half of the nation's total. This is truly a unique opportunity that students at most colleges simply cannot experience! Take advantage of it! 

IUB enjoys a reputation as an outstanding prelaw institution, and a successful Caravan impresses law school officials nationwide. Last year's turnout of over 567 was by far the largest of the Big Ten, and attracted nationwide attention. One Admissions Dean from a top tier law school called IU's Law Day "the best that I have ever attended at any school."

Attendance at Law Day is crucial for students considering law school now or in the future. Students who attend find it an eye-opening experience. It is critical for current applicants and juniors to attend, but freshmen and sophomores will receive an invaluable close-up and personal introduction to the realities of law school admission.

Students should also attend the Panel Discussion earlier in the day, from 9:00 until 10:45 a.m. in Whittenberger Auditorium.  Three prominent Law School Admission Deans, including IUB Maurer's Frank Motley, will discuss "What Actually Works in a Law School Application." That is, they will discuss applicants' common mistakes, what actually impresses them, what they find annoying, what NOT to say in a personal statement, etc. They will offer unique, practical insights into the admission process that will be invaluable for students. This event is always well attended, and is as entertaining as it is informative.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Questions? Want more information? Contact HPPLC by phone at 812.855.1873, or email at



We'd like to PAY YOUR EXPENSES to come to our event!  Join the Midwest Association of Prelaw Advisors ("MAPLA" -- cost $40:  click HERE to join), bring at least 3 students with you, and MAPLA will reimburse ANY and ALL costs you incur up to $50 PER PERSON, including YOU--and there is no maximum!  See SUBSIDY PROGRAM or contact MAPLA for details.  It's easy!   NOTE: you do NOT have to be a member of MAPLA to attend any Caravan event!  They are always FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!