Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the UFC determines UFC agendas and prepares final drafts of legislation. All members of the Executive Committee must be University Faculty Council members. For a complete list of Executive Committee duties, see the University Faculty Bylaws, Section 7.

2017 - 2018 Members

Name Campus UFC member Duties
Rachel Applegate IUPUI UFC member Co-Chair
Andrew Downs IPFW UFC member
Chera LaForge IUE UFC member
Moira Marsh IUB UFC member
Marc Mendonca IUPUI UFC member
Michael McRobbie IU President UFC member
Kenneth Smith IUSB UFC member
Rebecca Spang IUB UFC member
TJ Sullivan IUK UFC member
Alex Tanford IUB UFC member Co-Chair
Joe Wert IUS UFC member Co-Chair
L.Jack Windsor IUPUI UFC member
Susan Zinner IUN UFC member