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Benefits Change Connection

Enroll in a Plan or Make Plan Changes

Benefits-eligible employees may enroll in or make changes to these plans at any time: IU Tuition Benefit Plan, life insurance plans, and retirement and investment plans. Such changes do not require a change in status.

To enroll in or change medical or dental plans, Personal Accident Insurance, or the Tax Saver Benefit plan, you must experience a qualified change in status and follow the specific procedure for the plan.

Health Savings Account

HSA Enrollment/Change Form  20152016 (PDF)

Tuition Benefit

IU Tuition Benefit Plan

Life Insurance

Change beneficiaries

Long Term Disability



Change beneficiaries


IU Retirement Plan

Retirement & Savings Plan

Public Employees' Retirement Fund (PERF)

Supplemental Retirement Plans

IU 457(b) Retirement Plan

IU Tax Deferred Account (TDA)

Early Retirement


Require official Family Status Change



Personal Accident Insurance

Tax Saver Benefit