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Dependent Care Provider or Cost

A change in your dependent care provider or cost will allow you to make a change to the Tax Saver Benefit (TSB) Plan Part C: Dependent Care Reimbursement Account. A letter from the provider will be required documentation.

To make changes to any of the plans listed immediately below, you will need to one request a Family Status Change through the Employee Center and two complete online enrollment of your changes once your request is approved by HR. You must make the change within 30 days.

Tax Saver Benefit (TSB) Plan

Dependent Care Changes

Changes You May Make to Your Dependent Care TSB

An event by which a dependent ceases to satisfy eligibility requirements (e.g., a child attains 13 years of age)

You may decrease or your election to take into account the daycare expenses of the affected dependent.

Change from one daycare center to another, which charges a different rate, for a reason such as:

  • Concern about a center's administration, staff quality, or staff turnover;
  • The center only cares for children age two or over, a new baby arrives and the participant wants care for the new baby and siblings at one center;
  • A child is in a temporary center while wait-listed for a preferred center, and a position opens;
  • A new, state-of-the-art facility opens and participant enrolls child at the new center;
  • A change in the participant's residence or work location makes a new center more convenient or results in a change in the cost of coverage of your daycare provider;
  • A center requires that a child be moved due to the child's unsafe behavior (e.g., biting or hitting) or a parent's frequent late child pickups; or
  • A child needs to be moved from a daycare center due to chronic illness.

Increase or decrease election amount consistent with a change in qualified dependent daycare expenses. (If the new child care center is more expensive, the election amount may be increased in a corresponding amount.)

Change in home child care provider, including a change in a nanny-sharing arrangement. (IRS regulations provide that a cost increase by a child care provider who is a relative will not allow an election change.)

Increase or decrease election amount consistent with a change in cost.

Change in home child care provider because a relative or friend has agreed to watch the child for free.

Decrease or cancel election.

Employee or spouse changes work schedules (including to or from part-time status), changing the hours of outside child care required and the amount of eligible dependent care expenses.

Increase or decrease election amount consistent with the change in cost.

(Consistency rule is satisfied if change corresponds with Family Status Change that affects either eligibility for coverage under Plan or eligibility of expenses under applicable IRS regulations.)