Leave of Absence

Paid Leave of Absence
If you receive regular pay (e.g., not grant or fellowship monies) during a leave of absence, benefit plan contributions will continue to be automatically deducted and your coverage will continue.

Unpaid Leave of Absence
When you begin and return from an unpaid leave of absence, you have certain options and responsibilities for your benefit plans. Your options are to:

  1. Continue your coverage by arranging to make personal payments. Certain restrictions may apply. Please reference our Health Care Benefits during an Unpaid Leave of Absence policy for additional details.
  2. Terminate your coverage. You then have the option to reapply for your benefit plans within 30 days of returning to work.

How to continue coverage during an unpaid leave absence
If you wish to continue coverage for any of the plans listed immediately below, contact a benefits specialist in the IU Human Resources office at (812) 856-1234 or . A payment plan will be arranged and you will be billed for coverage. During this time you will also have the option to terminate coverage.

How to Terminate Coverage During an Unpaid Leave of Absence
If you wish to terminate coverage for any of the plans listed immediately below, you may either contact our office or simply indicate your wish on your Leave Without Pay Benefit Payment Statement.

How to reinstate coverage after returning from an unpaid leave absence
To reinstate coverage of the plans listed immediately below, you will need to number 1 complete the Family Status Change process by contacting a benefits specialist and number 2 make the changes within 30 days of your return from leave.

Dental plan

Medical plan

Personal Accident Insurance plan

Tax Saver Benefit

Basic Life

Supplemental Life Insurance

Long Term Disability Insurance

Note: Personal payments for benefit plans during an unpaid leave of absence are on an after-tax basis.

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You may also want to familiarize yourself with how the plans below are affected by a leave of absence.

IU Retirement Plan
There will be no contributions to your IU Retirement plan while on unpaid leave.

IU Tuition Benefit
You are eligible for IU Tuition Benefit while on an unpaid leave.

Retiree Status
Leave of absence time does not count toward total service years for achieving Retiree Status.

IU Tax Deferred Account
Contributions cannot be made while on leave and once you return to work, retroactive contributions cannot be made.