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PHR Questions & Answers

General Information

What is a Personal Health Record?

A Personal Health Record (PHR) allows users to create an account to compile, manage, and share personal health information with physicians and other medical care providers of their choice. Information is protected and controlled by the user. Users can:

  • Decide what information goes in their PHR and who to share it with.
  • Document information like medical history, medications, past illnesses, immunizations, medical provider list, family medical history, medical plan policy information, etc.
  • Scan in documents to store electronically, like living wills or power of attorney.
  • Send medical history and other paperwork to the doctor’s office ahead of a scheduled visit.
  • Create accounts for family members to help organize their medical information, like immunizations for a child’s school.

The PHR is portable and designed to interface with other healthcare applications, like physician office systems to:

  • Manage health and wellness over the course of a lifetime.
  • Securely access information via the Web.
  • Accept electronic information back from a doctor’s office, like lab results.

Who is eligible to use the PHR?

Employees and adult family members age 18 and older who are covered by an IU-sponsored medical plan are eligible to create an account. Employees can use the PHR to store information for minor dependents.

Is use of the PHR required?

No, use of the PHR is voluntary and is not connected to medical plan premiums.

How do I start building my PHR?

When starting the PHR, think about the types of information and notes that are most important to you and your family. It is not necessary to use medical terminology. If you're not sure of the correct name for a condition, enter a best guess and use the description boxes to enter a more detailed explanation.

The NoMoreClipboard Completion Wizard can assist by stepping through the process to enter common medical information to create a PHR. Additionally, thousands of medications, conditions, medical procedures, and allergies are pre-loaded into the program to help with filling in the PHR.

How much information should be entered into a Personal Health Record (PHR)?

The amount of information entered and stored is up to you. Common uses of the PHR include storing a list of allergies, vaccinations, and current prescriptions, plus illness and accident history.

I don't have a regular family doctor. Can I still have a PHR?

Yes. The PHR is available to employees and eligible dependents covered by an IU-sponsored medical plan, even those who do not have a regular family doctor.

What is an NMC911 Emergency Access Card?

The NMC911 Emergency Access Card is a printable card that provides emergency responders with one-time, read-only access to your NoMoreClipboard.com record. The card contains a code for emergency responders to access important information from the PHR to determine the best course of treatment in an emergency situation.

The card is optional and can be printed after completing the PHR to carry in case of emergency.

What happens to my PHR if I leave or retire from IU?

Employees who leave or retire from IU can continue using the PHR at no cost. The account will remain with access to all of the historical information that exists in the PHR at the time of departure. Employees will be able to continue updating and adding medical information as needed.

Since the account is no longer sponsored by IU, some tools within the PHR will no longer be covered such as the ability to upload new documents. Existing documents, however, will remain viewable. Users who want to retain full functionality of the tool after leaving IU can do so by requesting an upgrade directly with NoMoreClipboard.

Sharing PHR information

Is the information in my PHR shared with anyone?

The information in the PHR is not shared unless you give explicit permission to do so.

Who can access my account?

The only users who have access to your information are the individuals and medical professionals with whom you agree to share information. NoMoreClipboard never shares personal information, including email addresses, without the expressed permission of the account holder.

How can I share my PHR information with a doctor?

Selected portions of the record can be sent to a doctor's office. Some doctors can receive the information electronically, while others receive it by fax. NoMoreClipboard will only send information to a provider if a user requests it to be sent. 

How does a doctor use my PHR information?

The PHR does not replace a patient's records at a doctor's office. It is simply an alternate way to store and communicate personal health information to a doctor before or after each visit. It can increase the legibility, accuracy, and completeness of medical information. A doctor can also share information back to the PHR so everything is documented in one location, at the request of the patient.

Can I use the PHR to provide information to my doctor if I am away from home?

Yes, the PHR is available anytime and from virtually any location in the world. Because it is web-based, it is accessible from any computer with Internet access, while on vacation, at work, or at home.

Technical information

What kind of computer do I need to use the PHR?

Almost any computer or mobile device with Internet access will work to access the PHR as long as the browser supports 128-bit encryption. For best results, use the newest browser version your computer or device will support. The recommended browser is Internet Explorer. Macintosh users need OS system 7.5 or later, and can use Netscape 7.0 or Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer. PC users may use Internet Explorer 6.0, Firefox 1.0, or Netscape 7.0 or newer. To use some features of the PHR, JavaScript functionality must be turned on.

How should I choose my PHR password?

Remember these important tips when choosing a password:

  • Change the password every few months.
  • Use a password that is difficult for someone to guess, but easy to remember.
  • The password should be at least five characters long.
  • Use a combination of letters and numbers.
  • Don't use your birthday, a family name, a pet name, or other information that might be easy for someone to guess.
  • Do not tell anyone the password.
  • Remember to log out when leaving any public computer.

What is a password hint?

When creating a PHR account, users will be asked to set a password hint. A password hint is used as a reminder in the event you forget the password to help remind you of the password. The hint should not contain information related to the password.

Is the PHR information confidential and secure?

The NoMoreClipboard site is secure and HIPAA compliant. It uses the same type of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) account security used by major retailers and financial institutions. Site security is also approved by Verisign, the dominant certificate authority on the World Wide Web. Information is also stored behind a "firewall" that protects against unauthorized users. All information is stored in NoMoreClipboard corporate data center at its U.S. based headquarters.

PHR records are further protected with the user's personal login and password and are not accessible to anyone without the user's knowledge, so long as the login and password are kept private. NoMoreClipboard will never share personal information without expressed permission.

What happens if I lose my password?

When registering, you will be asked to provide a secret question and answer. Passwords can be reset on the NoMoreClipboard website by answering the secret question online.

In case of a forgotten password or secret answer, call the NoMoreClipboard Helpdesk at 877-643-3463 for additional help.

What happens if I get locked out of my account?

As a security measure, PHR accounts will automatically lock if the wrong password is entered more than five times in succession. Call the NoMoreClipboard Helpdesk at 877-643-3463 to receive help unlocking the account.

What happens if I change my e-mail address?

Employees are required to create a PHR account using their IU email address; however it can be changed to a personal email account at any time.


Page updated: 17 September 2012
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