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August 2012

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24-hour Nurse Line

Summer is here and so are the health risks that come with outdoor activity—bug bites, dehydration, sunburns, poison ivy—to name a few. To obtain medical guidance on non-emergency health questions this summer and all year long, employees will want to add the 24-hour Nurse Line number to their mobile phone contact list: 866-895-5835.

Specially trained registered nurses assess situations and provide information and recommendations. Participation is voluntary and costs are paid by the university.

The 24-Hour Nurse Line does not replace a doctor's care and is not designed to address emergency situations. In an emergency, call 911.

Examples of questions and concerns for the Nurse Line

What can I do to relieve the pain of a jellyfish sting? What are the symptoms of heat stroke?
The tick bite on my leg looks strange. Should I see a doctor? Is there any home treatment for swimmer's ear?


Health Savings Account

Enrollment in the High Deductible Health Plan & Health Savings Account (HDHP & HSA) comes with a Chase HSA account funded with university and employee contributions. The HSA is an interest-bearing, FDIC-insured account that can be used tax-free for IRS-eligible health care expenses.

To see an HSA account balance, make payments, order a debit card, or take advantage of other online banking features, plan participants can register and log in at

Recent enhancements to the HSA online banking features include:

HSA Beneficiary

A beneficiary can be designated to receive any funds in the HSA if the account holder dies. If the beneficiary is a spouse, the funds remain in the HSA and can be used tax-free for her or his health expenses. Other beneficiaries will take a taxed disbursement of the HSA balance. To name a beneficiary log into and go to the 'My Product Features' section and select 'Beneficiaries.'


An HSA balance of at least $1,000 can be invested in a variety of funds: asset allocation, fixed income and equity mutual funds. The interest or earnings on the funds in the HSA can grow tax-free and can be used tax-free for eligible health expenses. To learn more, visit Investment accounts are not FDIC-insured or guaranteed.

Chase HSA Member Services is available anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-866-566-7101.


IU Tuition Benefit

The 2012-2013 academic year is fast approaching. The IU Tuition Benefit plan pays a portion of IU tuition for full-time employees, spouses/domestic partners and dependent children. Application before the start of the academic year each fall semester is encouraged to avoid being billed for the full tuition amount. If enrollment is processed after tuition is billed, the benefit becomes a reimbursement after the bursar's bill is paid. The IU Tuition Benefit application is available through OneStart in the Services tab. Information on 2012-2013 IU Tuition Benefit subsidy rates and plan details can be found at


Benefit Briefs

In February, University Human Resources announced a set of "Benefit Briefs"—short, narrated slide presentations that can help employees get the most out of medical plans, including the HDHP medical plan and Health Savings Account. A library of these Briefs can be found at

In response to employee feedback, two new briefs have been added.

Original briefs contained in the online library:


Medco Mail Order Pharmacy

Employees enrolled in IU-sponsored medical plans have the option of ordering ongoing medications through the Medco Pharmacy mail order service. Mail order advantages include the convenience of receiving up to a 90-day supply at one time, no waiting in line at the pharmacy, and potential cost savings from deeper discounts. And, there's no cost for standard shipping. Ongoing medications are those taken to treat conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Refills are usually processed and mailed within 48 hours of receipt, but for new prescriptions allow 8 days from when Medco receives the prescription.

The easiest way to get started is to use the online services at Follow the on-screen instructions to initiate a new prescription or transfer a retail prescription.

A mail order form can also be used, available at Be sure to ask the doctor to write the prescription for a 90-day supply, plus refills for up to one year as appropriate. Or, ask the doctor to call 1-888-327-9791 for instructions on how to fax the prescription. The doctor must have the Medco member ID number found on the member's prescription drug ID card.

Refills can be requested either online or through the Medco automated system at 800-988-1794.




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