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No. 59
February 2013

University Human Resources
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Transparency in Health Care

Indiana University has engaged Castlight, a company that offers a Transparency tool ("Castlight") to make it easier for employees to access information that will lead to smart healthcare decisions. This tool will list prices for doctors, services, and network providers by zip code.

Castlight provides both web and telephonic services to help employees:

Employees will receive announcements with more information about this Transparency tool when it is rolled out later this spring.


IU-sponsored Personal Health Record

Indiana University has partnered with NoMoreClipboard to provide a voluntary Personal Health Record, or PHR, for employees and adult family members age 18 and older who are covered by an IU-sponsored medical plan.

The PHR is an online, portable tool controlled by the employee. It allows employees to create an account to compile, manage, and share personal health information with physicians and other care providers of their choice in a secure, protected location. Employees can also authorize PHR accounts for family members.

The IU-sponsored PHR allows employees to:

Over the coming months, the PHR navigation will be enhanced with more features for IU employees and their family members. Visit for additional information, or to create a PHR.


Retirement Readiness Statement

University Human Resource is currently preparing an educational document, Retirement Readiness Statement, to assist employees participating in IU-sponsored retirement programs with answers to the questions:

The Retirement Readiness Statement will provide an estimated lifetime retirement income projection for current IU employees participating in the following retirement plans:

A hardcopy of the Retirement Readiness Statement will be mailed in early March to employees' home addresses.


Maximum Limits of 2013 Benefit Programs

Each year the IRS sets limits on the amount of contributions employees can make to certain Benefit programs. These amounts can be changed anytime during the year. Most changes can be made online at the Employee Center area of OneStart at

HSA annual contribution maximum

IU Tax Deferred Account Plan (TDA)

IU Retirement Savings Plan

*HSA maximum contributions may be prorated when HDHP enrollment is less than twelve months. Employees who enroll mid-year in the HDHP PPO & HSA plan as a newly eligible employee or change coverage during the year to employee-only (e.g., due to a divorce), should view the Benefit Brief that describes prorated HSA maximum contributions.

Additional information (including minimum contributions) can be found at Questions may also be submitted to the university email address at the bottom of the Benefits pages.




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