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February 2014

University Human Resources
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Retirement Counseling Services

IU offers two types of counseling services to help employees prepare and save for retirement. During consulting sessions, participants can expect to discuss the following:

University Human Resources retirement consultants—IU has a dedicated team of retirement professionals available to meet with employees. These consultants serve all campuses. To schedule a session in person or by telephone, email or call 812-856-5191.

Investment company consultants—TIAA-CREF and Fidelity Investments (IU’s approved retirement plan investment companies) provide counseling in person or by telephone. The web sites of both firms offer extensive investment information as well as online appointment scheduling.


IU-Sponsored Retirement Plans: Investment Option Change

Effective March 21, 2014, the Fidelity Europe Capital Appreciation Fund will be merged into the Fidelity Europe Fund and will no longer be an investment option in IU-sponsored retirement plans. For employees who have selected this investment option the following changes will apply:

To learn more about this Fidelity fund merge contact Fidelity at (800) 343-0860. Information about available investment options in IU-sponsored retirement plans is at:


IU-Sponsored Supplemental Retirement Plans

IU sponsors two supplemental retirement plans: IU Tax Deferred Account ( TDA) Plan and IU Retirement Savings Plan.

These supplemental retirement plans enable eligible employees to save additional dollars, up to IRS limits, for retirement. There is no open enrollment period for the supplemental retirement plans which means employees can enroll in or increase contributions anytime during the calendar year.

To increase contributions in supplemental retirement plans:

Employees not currently enrolled in an IU-sponsored supplemental retirement plan may contact Retirement Program Services for instructions on how to enroll.




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