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IU Care Management Program

The Care Management Program is a voluntary program for the following groups as long as they are covered by an IU-sponsored medical plan: IU employees, Medical Residents, eligible Graduate Appointees, and dependents. It includes:

A team of nurses and pharmacists who specialize in providing care management services for members with chronic and/or complex conditions offer the following services to patients:

These services complement physician instructions, and are available on a voluntary basis.  An example of care management services include follow-up with an asthma patient to provide advice about ongoing exams and medications or follow-up with a patient transitioning from hospital to home to provide guidance about medications and therapy.

Nurse and pharmacy care managers are employees of IU Health, IU Health Physicians, IU Health Southern Indiana Physicians, and Riley Physicians at IU Health. These care managers function with a focus on improving health and medical outcomes for patients. Program information and personal health information is protected by federal and state privacy laws.

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