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Castlight Frequently Asked Questions

Registering for Castlight’s Transparency Tool

How do I access the Transparency tool?

Castlight's Transparency tool is available to all Indiana University employees, spouses/same-sex partners and adult dependents covered by an IU-sponsored medical plan. Visit and click on the Register button to register and create an account at Castlight's web site. As a registered user, return to the Transparency tool as often as you wish or call a Castlight Guide toll-free at 888-272-9572 for full service by phone.

Is there a cost to using the Transparency tool?

There is no cost or fee to the employee for using Castlight's Transparency tool for employees or their adult dependents. Eligible members can create an account and use the tool at no charge.

How do employees register for an account?

Creating an account is a two-step process.  Visit and click on the Register button.  During Step 1 of the process, confirm your first name, last name, and 10-digit employee ID, including the leading zeros.  In Step 2 of the process, enter an email address (personal or IU), create a password, and designate security questions to create an account.

Use the email address and password created during the registration process to login to Castlight’s Transparency upon each visit. 

How do my spouse/same-sex domestic partner and adult dependents access Castlight?

During your registration, employees have the option to provide an email address for a spouse/same-sex domestic partner and adult dependents covered under an IU-sponsored medical plan. Castlight will send these family members registration instructions.

Alternatively, covered adult family members can go to to register. Once registered, family members may login to the Castlight website as often as they wish. Spouses/same-sex domestic partners and adult dependents can also call a Castlight Guide toll-free at 888-272-9572 for full Castlight service by phone.

How do I access the Castlight mobile app once my registration is complete?

Download and use the Castlight mobile app on your smartphone. The mobile app is available for iPhone, Android, and other smartphones at

How do I find my 10-digit employee ID to register for Castlight?

Employees who do not know their 10-digit Employee ID can find it in OneStart by following the below instructions:

  1. Log into OneStart
  2. Click on the Services tab
  3. Click on Employee Center (left column)
  4. Click on Benefits
  5. Find the Employee ID located near the top left under Benefits Information
Unique Features of Castlight's Transparency Tool

How does the Castlight Transparency tool compare to other services on the Internet?

The Transparency tool is a unique service customized for IU employees. Castlight gives personalized pricing information, shows how much out-of-pocket costs will be for medical services and medications based on your health plan, and lists in-network doctors under the health plan. Castlight also provides an overview of health plan benefits, tips for making smart health care decisions, and details about past claims.

How is Castlight different from other websites?

Castlight makes it easy to compare doctors side by side based on price, quality and location. It shows actual out-of-pocket costs based on the member's annual deductible status for a wide range of medical services, and shows the member's remaining annual deductible right on the Castlight home page at each login.

Using Castlight's Transparency Tool

What can I do with the Transparency tool?

Common uses include:

  • Searching for a primary care physician for any family member and find provider profile information, the provider’s gender, where they went to medical school, how long they have been practicing, and if they are accepting new patients.
  • Reviewing prior medical claims by reviewing past spending for healthcare, and see annual deductible balances.
  • Estimating personalized costs for medical services based on the medical plan and amount of deductible that has been met.
  • Compare in-network doctors, facilities, and medical services based on prices and patient reviews.
  • Receiving helpful tips about ways to reduce medical bills while locating high-quality care.

If I already have a doctor, how can I benefit from the tool?

Use the transparency tool when a doctor recommends lab work, specialists and other medical services to learn about other providers and the associated costs and quality. Many doctors suggest specialists, labs and other medical facilities without having any idea how much they charge or if they are in-network. However, doctors can provide multiple provider options that members can research in the Castlight tool.

Employees can also use the tool to search for services for other family members. In addition, the tool provides an easy and helpful way to understand past health care spending.

What types of care can I search for on Castlight?

Castlight supports a wide range of searches, including doctors, specialists, services and medical conditions. To see the list of supported searches, log in to Castlight.

How can I use Castlight when I'm not at a computer?

Access information through the Castlight mobile app or call Castlight to speak with a “Castlight Guide” toll-free at 888-272-9572, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. ET.

What features are available on the Castlight mobile application?

Find providers, compare doctors, view health plan details, and see bookmarked doctors using the mobile app.

What are Castlight Guides, and how can they help?

Castlight Guides are dedicated customer service experts who are able to provide full access to the Transparency tool services over the telephone at 888-272-9572. Castlight Guides can be reached when at a doctor’s office or when considering treatment options while away from a computer.

How often will I hear from Castlight?

Castlight will email personalized savings tips and notifications when past care history has been updated in the Transparency tool. In addition, Castlight sends standard account maintenance notices, such as password change confirmations. Members can always change email settings on the "Your Account" page in the tool.

For users registered for claims-based notifications, Castlight only sends a maximum of one alert per week. Even if there are multiple claims updated in one week, Castlight will only send one alert to notify users of new claims. This reminds users to review claims without receiving frequent or multiple emails.

Where do I go for more help with Castlight?

The fastest way to get help with Castlight is to call toll-free at 888-272-9572. A Castlight Guide will be able to answer questions or direct your call.

Why am I not seeing all of my claims from 2010 on the Past Care tab?

Only medical claims for part of the 2010 plan year will show in Castlight, so IU plan members will not see all of their medical claims history for 2010.  However, members should see their medical claim history for all of 2011 and 2012. Claims for 2013 will be updated throughout the year. 

Also, only prescription claims that were paid through Express Scripts since January 1, 2012 will show on the Past Care tab.

Why do I see some years of claims history on the Past Care tab, but some years are missing?

Employees that enrolled continuously in an IU-sponsored medical plan from year to year should see each year of their claims history on the Past Care tab. However, if enrollment was not continuous, employees will only see the years when they were enrolled.  Additionally, if both spouses are IU employees and have switched coverage from one spouse to the other over the years, not all history will show on the Past Care tab. Only history for the years for the current spouse holding the policy will appear in the tool.

Why am I missing recent claims from the Past Care tab?

Castlight contains claims history, but there is a lag of about 30-60 days for recent claims to appear in the tool. So, recent claims will be added over time, usually about one to two months after the claim is incurred.

Why does the dollar amount spent on the Home tab not match the spending overview on the Past Care tab?

The spent to date amount on the Home tab shows the employee where they are at in their deductible today (including both medical and prescription claims for those on the HDHP).  Castlight updates plan and deductible status on the Home tab each time you login to capture recent visits to providers and medication purchases. 

The claim history on the Past Care tab is updated monthly, so the spending overview will update once per month when claim history is updated. 

I am enrolled in the IU Health Quality Partners (IUHQP) Plan. Why am I not able to create an account or login to Castlight?

Currently, only employees on the IU HDHP & HSA, IU PPO $900, IU PPO $400, and the IU GME PPO plans are able to register for Castlight. IUHQP plan participants will be able to use the tool in the near future. An announcement will be sent out when the tool is available for IUHQP members.

I found my provider in Castlight, but the information is not accurate. Why?

Castlight uses data received from Anthem to create the provider listing. Sometimes providers have not updated a new office address and phone number or notified Anthem they are accepting new patients. Once that information is updated with Anthem, it will then be updated in Castlight, as well.

If I have multiple medical services, or prescriptions from the same provider in the same day, why does Castlight show one dollar amount for all services on the Past Care tab?

Employees who receive multiple medical services or prescriptions on the same day billed by the same provider can view a roll-up of their claims for all services on the Past Care tab. To view a breakout of each medical service or prescription for that date, click on the service and expand the Summary section for that claim.

Provider Ratings in Castlight's Transparency Tool

Where does Castlight get information about the quality of medical providers?

Information on quality comes from a wide range of public and private sources, including The Leapfrog Group for Patient Safety, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, other governmental reporting agencies, and consumer rating resources.

Can I add a review about an experience I had with a provider?

Provider reviews are currently pulled from, where members may enter personal reviews. Castlight is also working with Angie's List to add provider ratings into the tool. Future enhancements will allow IU members to submit provider reviews directly through Castlight.

Troubleshooting Issues in Castlight's Transparency Tool

The search results are not within the requested range of my home address. What's wrong?

The Castlight tool uses the Google Map feature to determine providers within a search radius. Certain address abbreviations do not work well with Google Maps. These include directional abbreviations, such as E for East and the abbreviation St. Rd. for State Road. As a default, Castlight pulls a member’s home address from IU’s system, which may include these abbreviations.

To see accurate provider results, you can change your default address in Castlight. Your default address appears under the “Looking for something else?” search box on the Castlight home page. Click the “(Change)” link next to your address to re-enter it in a format that works with Google Maps. Change addresses such as 300 N 500 S to 300 North 500 South. Change an address such as 3399 St. Rd. 25 N to 3399 State Road 25 North. Your new default address will remain in effect until you change it. Castlight will also accept just the city and state as a default search address, if you prefer.

Personal Information in Castlight's Transparency Tool

How often is the information in Castlight updated?

Castlight updates plan and deductible status every time you visit a provider or purchase a medication, and updates past medical history and pricing data monthly.

Is information private and secure?

Activities on the Castlight Transparency tool remain private and are not shared with Indiana University. Castlight is also a member of TRUSTe, the leading authority for ensuring proper privacy standards on the Web. For more information on Castlight's strict privacy standards, please see the Castlight privacy policy.

Castlight maintains the highest security standards and is obligated under federal HIPAA guidelines to keep your data safe. Castlight has partnered with McAfee and VeriSign to ensure adherence to some of the strictest security standards in the industry.


Page updated: 19 September 2013
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