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Online Enrollment Instructions

From November 11 to November 22, use the Benefits Self Service area of OneStart to enroll. Online enrollment is required for those electing the HDHP PPO & Health Savings Account. Benefits Self Service allows you to complete enrollment at a convenient time and place. It also provides individualized, up-to-date benefit elections, including names of dependents enrolled in each plan. Each year, many employees find this information to be a valuable planning tool. After completing the online enrollment, instant confirmation of your elections will be sent via IU email. If you do not have access to the Internet, contact a campus HR office for assistance.

To update your 2014 elections in Open Enrollment Self Service:

  1. Log in to the Employee Center at OneStart.
  2. Click on Benefits.
  3. Click on the Open Enrollment button located in the Benefits Action box.
  4. Click Select in the Benefits Enrollment Screen to get started.
  5. Enter benefit selections for each plan using the online form.
  6. Click Submit after making all applicable changes to your 2014 benefits to send your selections to University Human Resources.
  7. Check your IU email account for confirmation of the benefits you selected for 2014.
  8. When working in OneStart, especially on a public computer, always remember to log out.

When enrolling online you can change and resubmit enrollments as many times as you need through November 22. With each submission you will receive a new email confirmation.

After updating your 2014 benefit elections, you may want to take the opportunity to review and update certain information for any insurance, retirement, and savings plans listed in Benefits Self Service.