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Blue Retiree Plan

Medical Services

Basic Medical Benefits are based on paying what Medicare doesn't pay:

Major medical benefits are subject to deductible and co-pays. This includes covered services that Medicare does not pay in full, for example:

This plan has no prescription benefits. Participants must enroll in Medicare Part D to have prescription coverage. There is a wellness benefit to the plan that includes limited coverage for dental, vision, and preventive services not covered by Medicare.

Split Coverage: A Retiree and spouse may split coverage between plans in cases where one enrollee is eligible for the Anthem Blue Retiree Plan and the other is not eligible due to age (under 65). The spouse may follow the Retiree into the Blue Retiree Plan at age 65.

See the 2013 Blue Retiree Plan Comparison Chart (PDF) for information about services, copays, and deductibles.

For all plans, to access information on background and licensing of individual doctors, nurses, chiropractors and pharmacists, call Indiana Health Professions Bureau (toll free) 888-333-7515.

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Page updated: 29 October 2013
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