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Retiree Medical Premiums (more)

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If only the Retiree or spouse is age 65 or over, that individual may enroll in the Anthem Blue Retiree plan while the other is enrolled in one of the IU PPO Plans. That individual may continue enrollment in the PPO Plan until age 65. At that time the individual in the PPO Plan must follow their spouse to Anthem Blue Retiree Plan.

If the Retiree enrolls in Anthem Blue Retiree Plan and more than one individual under age 65 continues enrollment in the PPO Plan (spouse and child), the PPO Retiree/Child(ren) rate applies to those individuals.

If there is a combination of enrollments between the IU PPO Plan and the Anthem Blue Retiree Plan, you need to add respective premiums together to get a total monthly premium. (Each plan will have separate premium billings.)

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