Participant Rights and Responsibilities
Upon Transfer or Termination


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Indiana University

Participant Rights and Responsibilities Upon Transfer or Termination


Indiana University provides a variety of benefit plans to its employees, including Group Life, Long-Term Disability and Personal Accident Insurances; medical and dental coverages; Tuition Benefit; and retirement plans. This booklet describes participant rights and responsibilities associated with termination of coverage for each of these benefit plans.

Upon termination from the university or transfer to an ineligible employment class or position, active participation in group insurance, medical and dental care and fee courtesy plans ceases; and participation status changes for retirement plans (i.e., no additional contributions or benefit accruals). However, participants in these plans have certain rights and privileges. This booklet provides an overview of each benefit plan, the opportunities available after participation ceases, and contacts and follow-up actions that are required to take advantage of any residual value that these benefit plans may provide. Follow-up is the responsibility of each employee after coverage ceases.

Material in this booklet is for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as a legal interpretation of benefits.

Indiana University reserves the right to amend or terminate all or any part of its benefit program. The information in this booklet describes termination rights and responsibilities for plans as of January 1, 2009.

Benefit plan customer service contacts are listed in each plan description. Participants may also direct questions to a campus Human Resources office. The University Human Resources Web site is an additional resource for customer service phone numbers.