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TSB Card Option


image of TSB card
This card is issued by Bankcorp pursuant to license by Visa International.

TSB health care reimbursement account participants have two options for reimbursements:

Note: The TSB Card option does not apply to dependent care expenses.

It is important to understand how the card option works before requesting one. Some employees may find the card desirable, while others may not. Below is an overview of the TSB Card option.

How the Card Option Works

The TSB Card is a debit card that allows participants to pay for services from their TSB health care reimbursement account. Participants use the card to pay at the time of service, keeping their receipts. Each time the TSB Card is used, the participant may receive a request (e-mail or U.S. mail) from Nyhart to substantiate purchases with receipts. The participant mails or faxes their receipts with a copy of Nyhart’s request. If purchases are not substantiated within 30 days, the card will be deactivated until receipts are submitted.

Using the Card for Services and Purchases

The card does not change any of the TSB plan rules for eligible expenses. The expenses must be IRS-eligible medical expenses. See the TSB plan details for more information.

The card may be used at any physician office, hospital, or service provider that will accept the card for eligible expenses only. Effective January 1, 2008, the TSB Card can only be used at businesses that have registered with credit card vendors as a healthcare-related business, or that have implemented an IRS-approved inventory system for restricting TSB debit card use to eligible items.  This means that:

For questions about where you may use the card, check with the business or contact Nyhart at 1-800-284-8412.

If the card is inadvertently used to purchase ineligible items, the participant must repay their account. The participant will be notified by Nyhart if ineligible expenses are detected from the receipts. Participants may also use the card to pay for eligible expenses for which they receive bills (e.g., physician visits and hospital services).

Just like a credit card, lost or stolen cards must be promptly reported and deactivated.

How to Obtain the Card

The card is voluntary and only issued upon request. The card must be requested during Open Enrollment. Cards cannot be obtained after Open Enrollment except for newly hired employees making a new election. The card will be issued by Bankcorp Bank, a national financial services company, by the end of January. Each participant will receive one card per family.

Employees may obtain additional debit cards, for use by family members, by paying an additional bank fee. Additional cards can be ordered using the form on the Nyhart Web page or by calling Nyhart at 1-800-284-8412. When giving cards to family members, remember the employee is responsible for substantiating purchases on all cards, as requested by Nyhart.

Page updated: 15 October 2012
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