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1095-C Statement
18/20 Retirement Plan
24-hour Nurse Line


Accident insurance (Personal Accident Insurance)
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) policy
ADA Services
Articles of Cooperation policy


Background Checks
      Procedures and resources
Bargaining Unit Determination, policy
Basic Life Insurance
Best practices for a successful interview
      Booklets (for plans)
      Benefits changes (Life Events)
      Benefits Video
      Summary for New Full-time Academic and Professional Staff Employees
      Summary for New Full-time Service and Support Staff
      Summary for New Part-time and Temporary Employees
Biweekly paid time off program (effective May 12, 2002)


Castlight Health
Childcare & Eldercare
Classification resources
Clery Crime Statistics
Commuting expense plan
Complaint/grievance procedures
Compensation services
Compliance Resources for Managers and Supervisors
Compliance Training policy
Conditions for Cooperation policy
Conflicts of Commitment policy
Conflicts of Interest policy
Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form (PDF)
Consulting services training
Corrective action resources for Staff and Temporary employees
Court Duty policy
Customer Service tutorial for student Temporary employees
CVS Caremark (prescription benefit manager)


Dental coverage
Departmental orientation (for new employees)
Disability insurance (long-term disability)
Domestic partner coverages
Driving privileges guidelines
Drug and Alcohol Testing


eBenefits Help page
Education and Training policy
Eldercare (and Chilcare)
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Employee benefit plans
Employee development
Employee Engagement Survey (MyVoice@IU)
Employee orientation (departmental, for new employees)
Employee Relations
Employment resources
ePTO user guides and video tutorials


Family Medical Leave Act Resources
Federal Notices (Medicare, privacy, etc.)
Fellowship Recipient Healthcare Porgram
Fidelity Investments
Firearms and Weapons Prohibitions policy
Fiscal Misconduct/Ghost Employment policy
Flu, H1N1 Frequently Asked Questions
Form I-9
Forms for all HR areas

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