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Health Plan: Enrollment

Health Plan Decisions Information Packet (PDF)

General Timeline Regarding Plan Enrollments

If an employee and/or their family member decline IU-sponsored Health Plans after separation, they will not be able to enroll in an IU-Sponsored plan at a later time.

Enrolling in COBRA

In general, participants receive a COBRA offer two to three weeks after their separation date.  Although COBRA promises continuous health plan coverage, it is not uninterrupted.  It is important to enroll in COBRA and pay the first premium as soon as possible after the offer is received even though employees have 60 days in which to elect COBRA coverage from the date of the COBRA eligibility letter plus an additional 45 days to pay the first premium.  A payment booklet will be sent to those who elect COBRA coverage.  Once the first COBRA premium is paid, healthcare coverage is reinstated retroactively to the separation date.

COBRA has an open enrollment period each year that corresponds with the Active Employee’s open enrollment.  During Open Enrollment Participants may choose to remain in the same plan or to transition to any of the other IU-sponsored medical plans for the remainder of the COBRA period. Participants may also elect to move to the Retiree PPO $900 Deductible Plan (under age 65) during Open Enrollment.

Enrolling in the Retiree PPO $900 Deductible Plan (under age 65)

As part of the COBRA offer, if eligible, Participants will be given the opportunity to enroll directly into this plan instead of COBRA as of their separation date. This plan must be elected within 60 days of the COBRA offer.

Participants may also elect to transition to this plan during Open Enrollment and again after the COBRA coverage period has ended. 

Enrolling in the IU Blue Retiree Medicare Supplement Health Plan

Those age 65 or older at the time of separation with IU Retiree Status, will receive an offer to elect the IU Blue Retiree Plan. Enrollment must take place within 60 days of this offer.

Enrolling in Medicare or Non-IU Medicare Supplement Plans

For questions about eligibility for Medicare Part A or Part B, or applying for Medicare, call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 or visit or call the local Social Security office.  Additionally, visit for more information about Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plans or go to and click on the ‘Medicare’ tab.

Enrolling in Health Care when Participants and Family Members are in Different Age Groups

After separation from Indiana University, each family member will have the opportunity to elect COBRA coverage individually or as a family.  COBRA is eligible to everyone who had coverage at the time of separation.

As long as the ERIP-2013 Participant remains in an IU-Sponsored Medical Plan, their spouse and covered dependents may also remain in an IU-Sponsored Medical Plan.  Each covered person may be in the plan that is appropriate for their age group.

For example, if the ERIP-2013 participant is under age 65 and has IU Retiree status, they can elect COBRA or the PPO $900 Deductible plan while their spouse, who is over age 65, can elect to be in the IU Blue Retiree Plan.  When the retiree reaches age 65, they can then join their spouse on the IU Blue Retiree Plan.


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Page updated: 5 September 2014